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Partition Manager Software Review: Don't Let Your Computer Control You
Keep your computer running at its best with partition manager software. This all-inclusive software allows you to partition, backup and restore your hard drive.
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Partition Manager Software Review

Why Buy Partition Manager Software?

Partition management software can easily alter, add and merge partitions, and manage partitions located on externally connected drives and those existing in a virtual environment. It can even remove and alter factory-installed partitions, and some software can completely clean data from hard drives. Most also include advanced data backup tools such as disk and partition cloners and operating system migration tools. Many can also work across devices and manage a variety of file system types, including NTFS, FAT and HFS+. These utility applications can prove quite indispensible when it comes to managing your drives and backup strategies.

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Partition Manager Software: What to Look For

To get the most from your computer, you need to get the most from your hard drive. It's where all your data is stored, and it is vital you have all the tools necessary to manage your information. Partition manager software offers you the complete package with capabilities for organizing and resizing your drive, restoring and backing up your information, along with recovering and cloning data files. It also allows you to manage several operating systems on the same computer.

These are the criteria we used to evaluate this management software:

Partitioning is an effective way to speed up defragmentation by dividing your hard drive into several compartments for storing data. Partitioning is ideal for separating your operating system, personal files and media files such as games or music you may store on your hard drive. This should optimize your hard drive's ability to find information efficiently. The best partition software allows you to create, delete, resize and merge partitions. It also allows you to hide or unhide partitions that may contain valuable information.

Data Backup & Restore
It is essential to back up any important information stored on your device. A good hard disk manager software includes cloning features that make it possible for you to copy your information from disk to disk. It also allows you to back up information onto several storage devices such as USB devices or memory cards. The best programs will recover any lost or damaged data and restore it onto your hard drive.

A good management software application will allow you to install more than one operating system on a single computer. It will also include a boot manager, which helps you operate and manage several operating systems. For when you are ready to discard your hard drive or sell your computer, the best software includes a feature that wipes the hard drive clean and permanently removes all data stored on the device.

Ease of Use
Managing your hard disk can be a daunting task, especially if you have little knowledge or experience with hard drives. The best software programs will walk you through step-by-step processes and let you preview the changes you are making before they are applied to the hard drive. The user interface must also be organized simply so each feature is easy to find.

Technical Help & Support
Telephone, email and live chat support are all crucial when you are in need of assistance. These are quick ways to communicate and receive immediate answers from customer support representatives. Aside from the communication options, we looked at the online help each company offers such as a FAQs section, user manuals and user forums on their websites. Keep in mind that several companies require a fee for customer service after 30 days of purchase.

When you combine all of these factors, you have partition manager software that can handle all of your basic and advanced hard disk needs. This is your inclusive all-in-one package that will keep your hard drive happy and your data safe.