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The Best Registry Cleaners Software of 2016

Improve Your Computer's Performance
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The Best Registry Cleaners Software of 2016

Our Ranking Registry Cleaners Software Price
1 RegClean Pro $29.95
2 Advanced SystemCare PRO $19.99
3 SpeedZooka $29.95
4 PC Tune-Up $19.95
5 Registry Cleaner Kit $24.95
6 Registry Tuner $29.95
7 Ashampoo Registry Cleaner $14.99
8 Advanced Registry Doctor PRO $24.95
9 Registry Reviver $29.99
10 Registry First Aid $37.95
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Why Buy Registry Cleaner Software?

Your computer’s registry regulates the interaction of software and hardware. It is the Windows database that keeps the details on everything installed on, and attached to your computer. The Windows Registry is mostly self-sufficient since few programs make registry changes anymore. There should be little reason to modify your registry, but if you choose to, you'll want a tested registry cleaner on your side.

Minor tweaks in programs and surreptitiously added malware can really take a bite out of performance. There are some basic troubleshooting steps to get through it, but they’re not made easy. You have to start with the Windows Task Manager to end whatever processes are affecting your CPU’s availability, then visit the System Configuration Startup tab to make sure that any newly installed software wasn’t really bloatware. You’ll need to use the Windows Uninstaller in Programs and Features to remove the offending program if you found something bad, and then visit the Windows Registry Editor to remove forgotten registry keys and embedded malware that may have been left behind. Of course there are the command line functions you will need to fix the broken keys you want to keep. You remembered to back all of this up before you started, right? You’ll know if you were at least somewhat successful if your computer starts again.

The whole process is neither easy nor convenient, which is why you want a registry cleaner to at least provide a central interface and somewhat automate these tasks for you. Few computer users are actually Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, and the world is full of power users who earned their title only by way of spectacular failure. That is why PC cleaner software exists in the first place. Having the best registry cleaner software that suits your needs is like having your own systems engineer, and that’s why we tested these programs. We looked at the top registry cleaners to find what works and what doesn’t. If you want the one that works with your registry for system optimization, look at the top-rated RegClean Pro. Perhaps your preference is more hands-on with an intuitive interface, then Advanced SystemCare Pro will work better for you. If you’re new however and want a program that grows with your skill level, you'll want to check out SpeedZooka. To learn more about the about keeping your registry clean, read our articles on registry cleaning software.

Registry Cleaner Software: What to Look For

An effective Windows registry cleaner optimizes you computer's registry to keep everything running smoothly. The top registry cleaners should have tools that increase in your computer's performance. They should also feature safety protocols along with a comprehensive set of registry cleaning utilities. If you need help, the developer should have the necessary support tools available to make sure you get the best experience from your registry optimizer. We focused on these criteria for ranking the best registry cleaners.

The top registry tuners must improve your PC's performance, and with that, its security. Each registry key in your database has a purpose – or did at one time. To make your computer run better, the right Microsoft registry cleaner will be able to scan your system for broken, obsolete or malicious keys and report or repair them accordingly.

Defrag tools are also a great way of optimizing your registry by reorganizing fragmented data so that Windows can better access it. While you don't need a defrag tool to experience an improvement in your computer's performance, the registry cleaners with effective defrag tools had the highest performance increase in our testing.

Regardless of what registry cleaning software you use, accidents in the cleaning process can occur. Since the registry database is delicate, you want to make sure you purchase a registry optimizer that has comprehensive safety features. These features should include registry backups, which save a version of the registry that you can restore in the event of a catastrophic error. Similar to this backup and restore function, the undo feature allows you to reverse any recent changes without having to restore the entire database, which can be time consuming.

Registry Cleaning Items
When you run a registry scan, the registry cleaner searches for specific issues and errors. What your registry cleaner searches for is important because these are the issues causing your computer to slow down. The best registry cleaners scan for the following: invalid shared and known DLLs, invalid help files, Com and ActiveX, Sound and AppEvents, invalid class keys, application paths, invalid fonts, shared folders, spyware, invalid CLSID, invalid typelib, invalid interface entries, hidden traces of installed software and shell extensions. The repair tools should also be capable of removing duplicate files, fixing and removing corrupt files, and deleting entry registry keys.

Help & Support
Even the best registry cleaners can experience bugs and other problems. If you have any questions or concerns, you should be able to get the answers you need in order to effectively use the software you've purchased. The software developer should make support resources available. These may include phone number, live chat, email and a FAQs page.

With the best registry cleaner software, you have the necessary tools to scan and make changes to your computer's registry with the confidence that you won't damage anything in the process. Because you have installed and used programs on your computer that did not come with it, a registry tuner will not return your computer to the speed it had when you first brought it home. It will, however, improve your computer's performance if it has the right repair tools, safety features and scanning capabilities.