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Linda Thomson
Best Food Processors 2019
We chopped, sliced, shredded, grated and pureed potatoes, onions, cheddar cheese and spinach to rank these popular food processors.
Best Roadside Assistance Services of 2019
Here are the best roadside assistance services based on plan costs, the number of service calls allowed and other coverage details.
Best Online Travel Sites of 2019
Here are the best travel websites for booking hotels, airfare, vacation packages, international travel and finding deals and discounts.
Best Disk Defragmenter Software of 2019
In general, your PC needs a defragmenter if you have internal or external hard drives that rely on physically spinning disks to function.
Best Audio Editing Software of 2019
We tested the noise reduction capabilities, file compatibility and editing tools of 15 audio editing programs that cost less than $100.

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  • Amazon Echo Dot (2018)
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  • Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2018
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  • Google Smart TV Kit: Google Home Mini + Chromecast
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  • Lenovo Smart Display
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  • Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 2018
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  • Apple Mac Mini 2018
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