Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler review

The Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler is suitable for a good value option if you’re not fussed about fancy features.

Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler review
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The Antarctic INAS90 Wine Cooler is good for a basic wine fridge but lacks dual-zone cooling and sturdy shelving.


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    Good value

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    Works quietly


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    Can’t be in-built

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    No dual-zone cooling

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The Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler has been designed to store up to 26 bottles of wine. It’s a freestanding model so it can’t be built-in permanently to your kitchen. Only available in one color, the Antarctic model comes in a glossy black finish. 

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For this review, we’ll be focusing on the Antarctic INAS90 with a 26-bottle capacity, however, the brand also offers a smaller 1.6 cubic feet capacity option, as well as a 36 bottle version too. 

Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler: Size and installation 

  •  Length: 17.5 inches 
  •  Width: 31.5 inches 
  •  Height: 19.7 inches 

The Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler has a total capacity of 3.2 cubic feet. This wine fridge comes with three wire shelves and offers four shelving areas to store wine or beverages if you include the bottom section. The Antarctic INAS90 weighs a total of 48.5 pounds.

The good news is that you’ll be able to install this refrigerator yourself. Changing the direction of the door swing is relatively easy, should you need to do it, and once you’ve allowed your fridge to settle for a few hours, you’ll simply need to plug it into a power outlet. We’ve included some advice on where to position it below. 

Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler: Features 

The Antarctic INAS90 Wine Cooler is a freestanding unit that can be positioned under the counter, or alternatively, it’s a great option for a home theater room. Suitable for up to 26 bottles of wine, this fridge can also be used to store other drinks.

Sitting among the budget-end of the wine fridge varieties, the Antarctic INAS90 isn’t packed full of impressive features, but it gets the job done. 

An adjustable temperature range means you can set this model to work at 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 61 Fahrenheit. The manufacturer recommends a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal wine storage. 

If you’re going to store this Antarctic wine cooler under a counter, you’ll need to leave enough ventilation space around it. A couple of inches around all sides and the top is the minimum you should aim for. 

If you’re looking for an outdoor wine cooler for summer days and evenings, the Antarctic INAS90 Wine Cooler isn’t suitable. This unit is designed to be used inside and placing it outside could be a safety risk and it’ll require more energy to maintain its temperature if it’s placed somewhere warm. 

If you’ve got little ones at home, it’s worth bearing in mind that this wine cooler doesn’t have a lock so you won’t be able to prevent anyone from opening the door. Other features that are handy, however, include the fact that you can switch which direction the door opens to suit your preference. The Antarctic INAS90 Wine Cooler uses compressor cooling and has a simple dial where you can adjust the temperature. It’s also fitted with a frost-free system to help with maintenance. 

What this wine fridge lacks, however, is a dual cooling system. This means that if you’re storing red and white wine in this unit, all bottles will be cooled to the same temperature which isn’t ideal. Some other models also include slide-out drawers so that you can take your wine out with ease, but the Antarctic INAS90 doesn’t include this functionality.

Antarctic INAS90 Wine Cooler review

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 Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler: Design & performance

The Antarctic INAS90 Wine Cooler is coated with a black finish and a glass door. Inside are three wire shelves that you can adjust to suit your preferences. It’s worth noting that the wire shelves are flat, rather than bottle-shaped, so your wine bottles may roll unless they are packed in. On the plus side, the flat shelving means you won’t be restricted if you’re going to be storing cans or other drinks in your fridge alongside wine bottles. 

There’s a blue LED light inside the fridge which is designed to illuminate the wine, but also not provide additional heat or damage wine. An Energy Guide isn’t provided with this appliance, however, elements such as the LED lighting and a sturdy door seal will help to keep the temperature stable inside the fridge and prevent added running costs.

The Antarctic INAS90 is designed to work quietly, making it suitable for theater rooms or living spaces. Lighting isn’t evenly positioned in this cooler, so you’ll find some of your bottles are illuminated better than others.  

You can expect a one-year quality warranty covering this wine fridge. 

Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler: User reviews  

The Antarctic INAS90 is one of Amazon’s best selling wine coolers. With over 1,252 user reviews at the time of publishing, this model is definitely a popular choice. On average, the Antarctic INAS90 scored 4.4 out of five stars on Amazon. Users praise how quietly this refrigerator works. Others also mentioned how easy it was to set up, as well as adjust the temperature. Many users commented on how this wine cooler is ideal for a home theater, ‘man cave’, or entertaining room. 

Users not so keen on this wine cooler criticize the build of its shelves, suggesting they are ‘cheap’. One user said that the ‘shelf sags’ under the weight of the drinks he placed inside. Others criticized the cooling abilities, suggesting it’s ‘not consistently cold’. Users also add that it’s not cool enough for canned drinks, only really wine.  

Should you buy the Antarctic Star INAS90 Wine Cooler? 

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly wine cooler, the Antarctic INAS90 is a great option. It does what it says on the tin and cools wine. Its shelves aren’t the best quality and its temperature isn’t as cold as some might like for canned drinks, but it’s also a lot cheaper than some of the premium models on the market. This unit can’t be built-in to your kitchen, so if that’s key to your decision, then you’ll be better off with another unit.  

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