Apple announces iPhone 13 event for September 13

Apple announces iPhone 13 event for September 13
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The iPhone 13 is upon us. Apple has confirmed that it's holding its next big event on Tuesday, September 14. The California Streaming event is likely to focus on the new iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and possibly an upgrade to Apple's AirPods. 

The event starts at 10 AM PDT and anyone interested can watch it online at at the time. Of course, we will have everything you need to know about what was unveiled too. 

Apple typically stays very private about what it plans for each event and the California Streaming event is no different. However, plenty of rumors and leaks have helped us figure out what's likely to be presented at the event. During Apple's yearly events in September, it tends to refresh a number of its devices before the holidays kick in and everyone is eager to buy the latest tech. 

iPhone 13 event, need to know

This time around, we're expecting to see the iPhone 13 which is almost certainly going to reach the top spot in the best smartphones list once it arrives. It's expected to potentially have a smaller notch at the top of the screen, a bigger battery, but also a slightly thicker case to accommodate it. Alongside that, rumors indicate we'll see a taste processor and possibly a LiDAR scanner for all models boosting the camera quality across the board. The Pro model may also see new camera features too. 

iPhone 13

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There's even a chance of an always-on display much like the one we've seen on the Apple Watch Series 6, plus maybe even the ability to communicate with satellites when there's no cell phone signal. That one seems a little outlandish though so we don't think the best cell phone providers have much to worry about just yet. 

Elsewhere, a new design for the Apple Watch Series 7 is anticipated with sharper edges and a larger display seeming very likely. New watch faces should also be released to highlight the larger display, but we're not expecting anything else too significant from the latest Apple Watch. If you've been considering a new smartwatch, it's worth holding off for the announcement but we wouldn't be surprised if the Apple Watch Series 6 remains a great option. It could be time for the Apple Watch Series 3 to finally be retired, however.

Finally, new AirPods could be on the cards. It's expected they'll be a lot like AirPods Pro but without the soft silicone tips we're all used to, and there probably won't be any active noise cancellation either. Still, as a solid middle ground earbuds option, these could be a winner. 

Will we see a refresh for the MacBook Pro (one of our picks of the best laptops) and maybe the Mac Mini? Unlikely. Apple tends to host separate events for these but there may be a nod to an upgrade or a reference to new iPads thrown in there.

We'll have to wait and see when the event unfolds at 10 AM PDT/1PM EDT on Tuesday September 14. The event will be available via the Apple website and YouTube. 

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