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Ease Audio Converter review

Ease Audio Converter is a very basic, quite dated, program... but it will do the job.

Ease Audio Converter review
(Image: © Ease Audio)

Our Verdict

A basic audio conversion program, Ease Audio Converter is very limited, but also very simple to use. It works with Spotify, which is good.


  • Easy to use
  • Converts Spotify etc


  • Looks outrageously dated
  • Relatively expensive

As the name suggests, Ease Audio Converter is a very simple tool for converting audio files. It's very simple to use, especially as everything operates from a single menu / screen. However, this does mean that functionality is limited, and notably you can't use it to rip CDs into your digital music library. As a result, it doesn't quite make our list of the best audio converter software packages today.

It's happy enough extracting and converting the audio from video files, much like Switch Audio Converter - our top pick. Ease extracts data from MP4 video files, but also misses a handful of other video formats that the top-performing programs we reviewed, including Audials Music, can extract audio from. Being able to extract audio data from video files is useful for a few different reasons. For example, you can make an audio album from concert footage and compress files to take up less storage on your computer. A couple of programs we reviewed can rip audio from CDs, but Ease Audio Converter is not one of them.

Unlike some software, Ease Audio Converter can record audio streamed on the internet. This means you can record your favorite music from Spotify, or your favorite podcast, as MP3 files and listen to them when you don’t have access to WiFi or cellular data.

Ease Audio Converter review

(Image credit: Ease Audio)

Before you convert your audio files, you can use the software to adjust the bitrate and sample rate as well as re-channel the audio, meaning you can switch between mono and stereo options. You can even normalize or adjust the volume on audio files that may be too quiet after conversion. This is a common problem when you work with older media files such as digitized LPs, or if you're using a cassette to MP3 converter. Ease Audio Converter is compatible with 13 different audio file formats and can convert to the same number of output file formats.

The design of Ease is very dated, regardless of whether you run on Mac or PC, and the look of the website really doesn't fill you with confidence. Although we experienced no malware hidden inside the Ease download, the site itself has a similar look to free audio converters that do indeed have nasty surprises in their downloads. We'd love to see a refresh of the Ease design, as the product itself works perfectly well.

Should you buy Ease Audio Converter?

Ease Audio Converter is one of the easiest programs we tested. The user-friendly interface saves time because you don’t have to navigate through multiple menus. This software also allows you to record streamed internet content, but it can’t rip audio from a CD directly into the library. So it's useful for some things, but doesn't have enough tricks to make it one of the best. The free version has limited functionality, and it costs $25 to upgrade, which is expensive for what you actually get here.

Billy Bommer

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