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Best DVD player

Best DVD player
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They might not be the king of home media that they once were, but the best DVD players are still an excellent addition to a home entertainment set-up, especially for those of us who still have massive DVD collections filling up our shelves. Updating to a Blu-ray player may be tempting, too. Blu-ray players are certainly more future-proofed, and they can play your DVDs, too, so you don’t need to immediately replace your collection. But they’re also far more expensive than a regular player too, so they’re overkill if you don’t make the most of them.

Best overall

Electom DVD player

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Electcom DVD player

Plays and records DVDs

The Electom DVD Player recognizes CDs and DVDs. It connects to other media via USB to play movies, music, and slide shows from mobile devices. It displays all images in 1080p high-definition and is region-free, so it will support videos from anywhere in the world. This model has zoom, slow motion, and single-step play functions. It comes with a remote so you can control your movie watching experience from the comfort of your sofa, though you can play, pause, stop and eject discs from the player itself with the onboard function buttons.

Best value

Sony DVPSR760H DVD player

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony DVPSR760H DVD player

JPEG slideshows with MP3 audio

The Sony DVP-SR510H is super easy to use. It crams in lots of useful features, including 1080p upscaling, HDMI support, Dolby Digital audio, and DVD+R playback. One unique feature of this player is the ability to play a slideshow of JPEG images with your MP3 music playing in the background, too—all from a USB drive and disc. It also has display and a selection of buttons as well as a comprehensive remote control.

Best region free

VATI region free DVD player

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VATI DVD player

Plays scratched disks

The VATI model will play just about anything from just about anywhere. It recognizes multiple disc types and formats, including videos, slide shows, and music saved on USB drives, and plays them in 1080p high-resolution. It features memory playback and anti-skip, so even if the player is bumped a bit your movie won’t be interrupted by freezing or moving ahead. The player also comes with the cables you need to hook it up to your television or projector.

Best for home

Panasonic DVD-S700EB-K DVD player

(Image credit: Panasonic)

Panasonic DVD-S700EB-K DVD player


The Panasonic DVD Player accommodates discs from all over the world. Support for Dolby Digital audio as well as a USB port for video, music, and image file playback are all included features. This is also one of the fastest models we tested. From inserting a disc to having it loaded up ready to watch, it was really quick. This DVD player remembers where you left off in the last program you watched even after a power failure.

What to look for in a DVD player

If you’ve decided that a DVD player is the right choice for you, there are some specs to consider. Do you need a region-free model to play foreign and imported DVDs? Do you want something that can upscale older video content? Or even a player that supports digital movies directly via an external hard drive? These are all features that some DVD players have, so make sure you know what you need before you buy.

The best options are a cheap and reliable way to play all DVDs and CDs at home, so if that’s all you need then they’re the ideal choice to accompany your TV. But if you have a TV with a 4K resolution then you might want to consider the upgrade to a Blu-ray player.

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In our home we watch a lot of movies, and while several of the video consoles in our home do play movies disks, we've found it's easier to use a traditional DVD player, especially for the older adults that just don't get the controls. Several DVD players are also great at playing old, scratched disks better than other devices. Also, you don't need to update DVD players as often as game consoles, so there's no need to set up the movie playing mode on a new device every other year.

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