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Best free web hosting sites: how to get online without the cost

Best free web hosting
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Every website needs to be hosted somewhere and there are plenty of web hosting services out there with great offers and multiple features. While the majority of these providers come with a price tag, plenty can be used for free.

Now, free web hosting platforms aren’t without their downsides, with slow site speeds, limitations on bandwidth and storage space, etc. However, there are plenty that still have some ace features and as long as you can put up with some of the more annoying aspects - you're set to have a web hosting service completely free of charge!

Let’s get a closer look at the best free web hosting sites, in no particular order:

 1. Infinityfree 

(Image credit: Infinity Free)


Most comprehensive free web hosting

Reasons to buy
+Hundreds of MySQL databases+No limitation on monthly bandwith or storage+10 email accounts+Unlimited subdomains and domain hosting+Free Cloudflare CDN+Free SSL
Reasons to avoid
-Loading speed could be faster

Infinityfree has been around for more than six years and is quite possibly the best free web hosting provider for many reasons. It comes with no limitations on domain count, disk space, or bandwidth. 

It is accompanied by a whopping 400 MySQL databases, free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, a free DNS, and the Softaculous Script installer with 400+ applications. There’s also a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

That said, the traffic is limited to up to 50,000 hits a day and you can only have 10 email accounts and one FTP. There’s absolutely no catch, except perhaps for the said limitations and somewhat mediocre website loading times.

If this whole offer isn’t to your liking, you should consider getting a paid plan for only $6.90 per month. This will remove all limitations and give you access to the powerful Cloudflare Railgun.

 2. Googiehost 

(Image credit: Googiehost)


Plenty of bandwidth, Cloudflare and cPanel at no cost

Reasons to buy
+Free SSL+A lot of bandwidth+No ads on users' websites+24/7 user support+Cloudflare CDN and cPanel
Reasons to avoid
- Some security errors 

Googiehost is a free web hosting provider with some conflicting information on its website. What we can discern is that it offers free hosting for a single website, along with 2 email addresses, 1000MB of SSD space, and a 24/7 user support. 

The homepage claims there’s a 100GB bandwidth limitation, although the signup page says “unlimited”. It would be immensely helpful if the company cleared up this confusion. On top of that, users are provided with other handy features like free SSL, a website builder (trial version), Cloud Linux (limited), free domains, auto-installer, SEO tools, and a referral program.

This service comes with the free versions of Cloudflare and cPanel hosting, which aren’t present with other similar platforms, separating Googiehost from the rest of the crowd. Another positive thing is that ads aren’t placed on the users’ websites, only on the control panel and Googiehost’s website.

That said, security doesn’t seem to be on the top-level, as we’ve run into a few warnings that our connection isn’t private when accessing cPanel, marking it as an insecure territory.

 3. 000Webhost 

(Image credit: 000WebHost)


Decent provider with problematic history

Reasons to buy
+Well-known service +Solid monthly bandwith
Reasons to avoid
-Minuscule disk space-History of data breaches-No subdomains or email accounts supported

Owned and managed by Hostinger, one of the top premium hosting providers, 000Webhost caters to millions of users but is also vulnerable to attacks. Specifically, around 13.5 million accounts were stolen in a huge data breach in 2015, forever tainting the provider’s image even though it went through a total overhaul since.

The service lets you create your own website using WordPress, the Zyro website builder, or simply upload your files. There’s no SSL certificate, subdomains, or email accounts. There’s no ticket support either, so if you face any issues you’ll have to ask for help on the forums.

Although the company claims that two websites are supported, this doesn’t seem to be doable, at least not when we tried. Moreover, Google Mail flagged the account confirmation email as suspicious. So if you decide on this provider, caution is advised.

4. FreeWebHostingArea 

(Image credit: FreeWebHostingArea)


Free hosting for experts

Reasons to buy
+No band limitations+Daily/weekly back ups+No ads on low traffic websites
Reasons to avoid
-Limited storage -No SSL certificate

It might not look like much at first glance, but FreeWebHostingArea is a worthy contender to the throne of the best free hosting service. Not only does it provide unlimited bandwidth and 1.5GB of storage for all your content, but it also includes three MySQL databases. 

This is all far from Infinityfree’s generous offer but is still more than what a lot of its competitors have. Furthermore, users can utilize daily and weekly offsite backups. Ads are placed, but only on high traffic websites.

Now onto the bad - the control panel is very basic, while the auto-installer and site builders have issues that make website building virtually impossible. This means that users’ only option is to upload their own files through FTP, which is limited to 12MB per file.

 5. Byethost 

(Image credit: Byethost)


Simple offering with some limitations

Reasons to buy
+User-friendly and straightforward+Supports 7 subdomains and 5 email accounts+Solid user support+5 MySQL databases
Reasons to avoid
- Looks and feels unprofessional 

Byethost is one of the products from the stack of Byet Internet, a successful company offering hosting, domain name, and reseller services. The free hosting service prides itself on having hosted over a million websites so far, along with providing its users with an ad-free, PHP- and FTP-enriched hosting experience.

The provider allows you to choose between subdomain name or seven other picks. To top it all off, every free account gets the popular Softaculous script installer with scripts like social networks, blogs, online shopping carts, photo galleries, and more.

The 5GB of server storage space and five MySQL databases should be enough for modest users’ website content, and there are no limitations on the monthly traffic.

As a cherry on top, Byethost provides a 24/7 user support if its large knowledge section and community aren’t enough to address your concerns. However, poor configuration and quite a few broken elements (the site builder is difficult to work with, for instance) significantly downgrade this service’s score.

 6. FreeHostingNoAds 

(Image credit: FreehostingNoAds)


Ad-free mid-range service

Reasons to buy
+Simple to use+No ads
Reasons to avoid
- Storage space and bandwidth are extremely limited 

Coming to us from a popular premium web hosting service Runhosting, FreeHostingNoAds is a sensible free provider with harsh limitations on monthly traffic and storage space. Namely, you only get 5GB of bandwidth and 1GB of disk space, which is on the lower end in this business.

The control panel via Zacky Tools Installer is highly rudimentary, with limited one-click install options that include Grav, Joomla, or WordPress. You can upload your own files, as long as they don’t cross the 15MB size limit.

Just like its name says, FreeHostingNoAds is completely ad-free. One of our concerns was the fact that the account creation email went straight into our spam box, which means some of the websites hosted by this provider are blacklisted.

 7. AwardSpace 

(Image credit: Awardspace)


Mediocre service with strict limitations

Reasons to buy
+24/7 live chat support+One-click WordPress/Joomla installation+Free DNS+Easy-to-use
Reasons to avoid
-Only 1GB of storage-5GB bandwidth-Sells your data to third parties

With over 10 years of web hosting experience and 2.5 million satisfied users, AwardSpace has become one of the most popular free web hosting providers. It offers a free plan with no annoying ads and a number of features. 

These include PHP and MySQL support, as well as a “99+%” uptime guarantee. On the other hand, you’ll have to put up with a 1GB limit on disk space and 5GB of monthly bandwidth. If these limitations are too much for your taste, we suggest switching up to one of the paid plans that start at $1.99 per month.

One concern regarding AwardSpace is the fact its ToS says the company can sell off your information to third parties, which might not be to everyone’s liking.

 8. Batcave 

(Image credit: Batcave)


Limited bandwidth meets solid features

Reasons to buy
+No ads+24/7 user support+Advanced control pannel+Full DNS Management
Reasons to avoid
-5GB monthly traffic-1GB storage-2MB file size limit

Batcave doesn’t impose any pesky ads and promises 99.9% of uptime. Your free plan is accompanied by full DNS and WHOIS management, traffic stats, advanced control panel, and web-based file manager, as well as one email account, spam protection, and SMTP access. 

A welcome addition is live chat and access to the knowledge base on the Batcave website. Having said that, you can’t upload files larger than 2MB, and you only have 1GB of space to fit all your content.

If you’d like to experience more of Batcave's offer, you can do so through any of the paid plans that start at €2.49 per month ($2.76).

 9. U Host Full 

(Image credit: U Host Full)

9. U Host Full

Decent service with unlimited bandwidth

Reasons to buy
+A lot of bandwidth and disk space+Softaculous Apps Installer+Cloudflare+No forced ads
Reasons to avoid
-Rudimentary website

U Host Full’s best feature is the lack of limitations on bandwidth and disk space for your content. However, the website is a bit old school and it’s difficult to find clear and detailed information.

There are three ways to create a website with the free account - with HTML, PHP, or the SiteBuilder method, especially handy for beginners.

Although the monthly traffic is unlimited, there’s a daily limitation of up to 50,000 hits. The service comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a website builder, account statistics, spam filter, and no ads, making U Host Full a worthy free hosting service.

 10. FreeHostingEU 

free web hosting: freehostingeu

(Image credit: free hosting eu)


Ad-free last resort option

Reasons to buy
+Live chat support and FAQ+No forced ads
Reasons to avoid
- Very limited bandwidth and storage space 

FreeHostingEU is a popular European web hosting service and the project of and AttractSolf GmbH. It offers 200MB of storage space (as long as individual files are less than 15MB in size) and 4GB of bandwidth, which is rather meager in comparison to some. 

The service also includes a proprietary panel, one database, one email account, as well as the domain hosting capabilities and traffic statistics. Website/blog creation is facilitated with the help of Joomla and WordPress platforms. 

And you can forget about the forced ads, as there are none here. Additionally, FreeHostingEU provides a 99.8% uptime guarantee. Paid plans begin at $4.95 a month.

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