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The Best Disc Label Making Software

How to Choose Label Making Software

The top performers in our review are SureThing Disc Labeler 6, the Gold Award winner; Label Factory Deluxe 4, the Silver Award winner; and Acoustica CD/DVD Maker, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing software to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of six label making programs.

If you enjoy burning CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays, you probably label all of your movies, photo albums and hard-copy archives with a marker or sticker. Photo albums and mix CDs are great personal gifts for guests on special occasions like weddings. For those occasions, a magic marker won't give you the style you need for favorite memories and songs.

While they are great for names and office inventory, label making machines only create text labels. Label making software combines elements of photo editing and publication programs like Photoshop and Microsoft Word to create personalized labels for discs, jewel cases, DVD cases, office supplies and mailing labels. Whether you simply burn discs or run a small business, advanced label making software adds a personal touch to any project. If you enjoy burning quality CDs and DVDs, also take a look at our reviews on CD burning and DVD burning software.

Label Making Software: Key Findings

The best label making programs have several key features that set them apart from the others. Features vary widely between programs, but there are crucial tools label makers need to get the job done right. In our review of the best label making software, we found that feature sets, design tools, label templates and support options are the most important qualities.

A feature set includes the number of preinstalled graphics, import abilities and photo editing tools a program has. The best label making programs like SureThing and Label Factory come with thousands of clipart images, background templates and other multimedia. Clipart comes in a variety of shapes and themes, including holidays, embellishments and symbols.

Some of the best features SureThing and Acoustic CD/DVD Label Maker have are the track list and image import tools. The track list import is a great feature if you love burning CDs or want to label your old albums, as it transfers track names and artist information to the disc label. This is useful for gifts like wedding albums or birthday presents. To personalize labels further, you can add your own images and edit them with simple tools. The photo editing tools in these programs aren't very advanced, so you can improve your images without much editing experience.

Design tools are also necessary for making quality labels. All label software should allow you to resize labels for discs by width. This allows you to create labels for CDs, DVDs and mini discs. Even if you're working with standard CDs, you can create thin labels or thick labels that cover the whole disc. Text tools like WordArt found in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint add an extra dimension to titles and track lists. These tools are especially good for album covers and DVD cases.

The best label making software goes beyond making stickers for your CDs and DVDs. These programs can create covers for jewel and DVD cases. Some programs can even make labels for older media formats like VHSs, cassettes and floppy discs.

For professionals, label making programs can also create name tags, address and shipping labels, and file folder labels. Beyond the office, small business owners or online vendors can print their own personal labels for their products. If you sell crafts, baked goods or cosmetics, you can create sticker labels with programs like Label Factory to show off your brand.

Label Making Software: Other Findings

If you need to make labels for a small project, there are free programs available for download. You can find these programs from trusted companies like Avery, a leader in label and office supplies. Like their paid counterparts, free programs often come with label templates, designs, clipart and the ability to import your own photos. For bigger projects, we recommend paid products like our Top Ten Reviews Award winners. These programs provide frequent updates and give you access to extra clipart, templates and graphics with a paid software license.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

The Top Ten Reviews Gold Award goes to SureThing Disc Labeler 6. This program has the most label options for discs. You can adjust label sizes and widths to fit any media, but SureThing comes with predesigned templates for 45-inch vinyl, mini CD and donut disc, CD, DVD, and LightScribe labels. In addition, you can create custom templates for nametag, address and shipping labels.

SureThing 6 has over 5,000 graphics, templates and clipart. Its modern interface makes it easy to use. Whether you're designing your own template or using one of the included designs. One of the biggest benefits of this program is its access to the Design Cloud when you purchase a license. The Design Cloud is an online collection of templates, clipart and other embellishments accessible only through the software.

If you want to go beyond disc labeling, our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner is the best choice for you. Label Factory Deluxe 4 is an advanced label making program with 1,500 label formats and templates for things like sticker labels, barcode stickers, nametags, DVD cases, jewel case inserts and of course, CDs and DVDs. You can also choose from over 50,000 clip art images. While this program only makes labels for standard discs, you can choose from a huge list of audio, photo, video and data templates to label your CDs and DVDs.

As its name suggests, Acoustica CD/DVD Maker specializes in disc labels for CDs and DVDs. It supports six disc types such as Blu-rays, DVDs, pocket CDs and standard CDs. In addition, you can print labels for the covers and cases. Acoustica is compatible with popular image formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG, RAW and PNG. Our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner also comes with predesigned backgrounds and text layouts to take the difficulty out of design. Acoustica is easy to use without assistance from the manufacturer, but just in case, this software comes with a full buffet of support options if you have questions.