Chrome users will soon be able to make individual websites dark

Chrome users will soon be able to make individual websites dark
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Chrome dark mode is about to get an overhaul that could make it one of the best of the many apps now adopting the new dark mode option.

While all of the best web browsers offer a dark mode for every website you browse, Google is going for something different courtesy of its latest Android update. The plan? The ability to implement different settings for different sites rather than treating all websites the same. 

It's a work in progress right now via the Canary build of Chrome but it sounds promising. Users can enable the option flag Darken websites at chrome://flags and then be able to configure auto-dark options by visiting the settings for individual pages. In theory, it should make it ideal for those websites we have all come across that dark mode simply turns into a disaster of a place to look at. It should also provide a far more personal experience when browsing websites so your favorite smartphone feels truly like yours thanks to a plethora of tweaking options.

Sounds great, right? Don't get too excited yet. The flag exists but it hasn't been implemented fully by Google as it doesn't do anything yet. However, it's clearly coming and we're hopeful it will make its way to iOS versions of Chrome as well as Android. There's no word yet on if it'll arrive for desktop but we can't see why not.

Chrome in the wider world

Dark modes on apps and operating systems are growing in popularity as more of us realize that staring at a bright screen in a dark room really isn't healthy for our eyes. More options are always good as demonstrated by how Windows 11's Light and Dark modes will also offer accompanying sounds to suit the time of day better. The idea of a dark mode that works for specific websites is a similarly appealing idea whether you're looking for a bit more personalization or if you're in need of more accessibility options. 

In recent times, Google Chrome has benefited from regular updates, both security and feature wise. One new feature, Side Search, is also available through a Canary build and promises to effectively embed a Google Search page with previous search results making it easier for you to find things and keeping you on the straight and narrow of not veering away from Google. Expect to see more incremental but useful updates coming soon.

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