COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer review

The COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer is a little washing machine with a lot going for it

COMFEE' CLV09N1AMG portable washer review
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If you're not fussed about a large capacity, then the COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer is definitely one to consider. Super portable and simple to use, it offers an impressive specifications sheet that includes best-in-class energy efficiency ratings. It's just a pity it comes with such hefty delivery and import costs.


  • +

    Impressive features and performance

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    Amazing energy efficiency rating


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    Limited capacity

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    Delivery and import costs are huge

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In this review, we're going to be taking a close look at the COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer to help you decide if it's the right appliance for your laundry requirements, living space and budget. Portable washers are ideal for people who live in smaller accommodation where there may not be enough room for a standard washing machine. As the name suggests, they are more compact and lighter than the full-sized variants, often come fitted with wheels/rollers, and do not need to be properly plumbed in before use – instead, they connect via a hose to your sink faucet for 'ad hoc' operation. 

COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer: Essential info

0.9 cubic feet capacity

Costs $249 (MSRP)

Stainless steel inner tub

Not Energy Star rated

Safety stop function

Made in China

One-year manufacturer warranty

Five cycle settings

Costs approximately $3 a year to run

Maximum spin speed is 800RPM 

Even by portable clothes washer standards, the COMFEE' CLV09N1AMG is a petite appliance. That makes it a tempting proposition for people who live in a very small apartment or need to travel regularly. Just be aware, though, that this machine has a capacity of just 0.9 cubic feet, which means you'll be limited in how much you can wash at any one time. Like all the best portable washers, this top-loading model offers a choice of programs and water temperatures, enabling you to tailor your washes to suit what's inside the drum. There are other useful features, too, including a see-through lid, Auto Unbalance Detection, and best-in-class energy efficiency. Not bad considering that Amazon is selling this machine for just $249. Too good to be true? We'll be exploring every aspect of this portable washer in detail to find out.

COMFEE' is part of the China-based Midea Group, a company that manufactures a wide range of home appliances, from refrigerators to air-conditioning systems. Midea's laundry division has been operating since 1958, meaning it has over 60 years of expertise in this particular area. 

COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer: How big is it? 

  • Height: 31.5 (in)
  • Depth: 17.7 (in)
  • Width: 18.1 (in)

The COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG is smaller than all but one of the products in our best portable washers guide, tying with the Danby DWM030WDB in both dimensions and capacity (0.9 cubic feet). In fact, COMFEE's washer is aesthetically very similar to the Danby machine, both models resembling one of those waste-paper bins you used to find in offices before recycling became a thing. It looks inoffensive enough (we prefer the Ivory White finish to the Magnetic Gray), though it does look cheaper than some washers we've reviewed.

Obviously, the smaller and lighter a machine is (and the COMFEE' is even lighter than the Danby at a meager 44.1lbs), the easier it'll be to transport from one place to another. But to help you out further, the manufacturer has equipped the washer with both wheels and a handle. Simply tilt the machine as you would with your rolling luggage, and off you go.

Portability is a handy benefit, but what about that capacity? Will it be enough to handle all of your laundry needs? Well, the 0.9 cubic feet stainless steel drum will hold around 6lbs worth of washing, which, according to Tide, equates to a medium load – roughly an armful of items. Realistically, that's 2-3 days' laundry for one person – two people at a push. So, if you're looking for a machine that'll keep a whole family in clean clothes, or enable you to wash large towels and bed linen, this isn't it. Instead, try something like the GE GNW128PSMWW, which boasts a capacity of 2.8 cubic feet. Or, if portability isn't that important to you, consider a full-size washing machine.

COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer: How easy is it to install?

COMFEE' CLV09N1AMG portable washer review

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The small capacity of this machine means that you're likely to be using it at least twice a week, so it's just as well that it's easy as pie to set up. Once you've wheeled it into place next to a sink, you simply have to connect the fill hose to your faucet (an adaptor comes as part of the package), place the drain hose securely in the sink, plug the washer into the wall and you're ready. 

Easy though it is, some people prefer their washing machine to be permanently installed ready for use at any time. Most portable washers don't enable this, but the Whirlpool WTW2000HW is one that does. Just bear in mind that you may have to install it yourself using a set of tools and the instructions in the manual. 

COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer: What’s good about it?

With its lightweight build, plasticky construction and easy installation, the COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG has a 'cheap and cheerful' air to it (and so it should, considering it costs $249). That might put some people off, but we love the fact that it has no airs and graces. Bash it on the side of a table as you wheel it around the corner and you almost won't mind. 

Much more importantly, though, this portable washer offers features and performance that belie its modest price tag. Using the top-facing touch buttons, you can select from five preset cycles – Heavy, Gentle, Normal, Rapid and Soak – but you also have the option to customize by inputting the load size, selecting any combination from the Wash, Rinse and Spin modes, and adding extra minutes where needed. While some portable washers offer more cycles (the GE GNW128PSMWW will give you eight, for example), five is fairly standard in today's market. Your selections will appear on a bright LED display that's easy to view in low light.

The COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG has a maximum spin speed of 800RPM, which is decent – though somewhat slower than the aforementioned Danby DWM030WDB (900RPM). And there are some other useful additions, too, including a transparent lid for monitoring the progress of your wash, an Auto Unbalance Detection feature that will automatically add more water to restore balance if it detects that the machine is in danger of falling over mid-cycle, and the ability to clean the drum every 30 washes or so to keep your laundry as fresh and clean as possible. 

CLV09N1AMG portable washer review

(Image credit: Amazon)

COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer: What’s not so good about it? 

Getting all of the above benefits for $249 sounds like excellent value, but there's a caveat – if you buy this machine from Amazon, you'll be subjected to an eye-watering $285.36 shipping and import fee, making the overall cost $534.36. Quite a difference. So, does the CLV09N1AMG still represent good value? In terms of features and performance, it competes very well with other models in that price range, and even some that are more expensive. However, it is a smaller machine with a much more limited capacity. Of course, that might suit you perfectly if you live alone in an apartment with less space. But if you were putting up with a lower capacity in order to save yourself some money, just bear in mind that you won't be saving as much as you thought. For a cheaper alternative, try the Danby DWM030WDB, which offers a very similar spec but without the extra costs.

COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer: How efficient is it?

Like the Danby DWM030WDB – the other 'mini' model in our guide to the best portable washers – this machine uses an estimated 23kWh of energy per year. Even taking into account the reduced capacity of these two machines, that's a remarkable figure (bear in mind that the 2.8 cubic feet GE GNW128PSMWW uses nearly six times that). In our estimation, 23kWh equates to around $3 – not bad for 12 months' laundry. 

While this machine does not appear to have an Energy Star rating, it has, according to the manufacturer, been awarded a DOE (Department of Energy) certificate. This was in recognition of the fact that users can save as much as 87.5% energy consumption compared to similar models.     

COMFEE ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer: User reviews

This portable washer has so far received over 1,300 ratings on Amazon, earning an overall score of 4.4 out of five. Of the users who've rated the machine, 72% have given it the maximum of five stars, with many reviewers commenting on its cleaning prowess, ease of use, quiet operation and mobility. As with most appliances, though, there have been a number of less-than-positive remarks, with one user bemoaning the “tiny” tub that only fits “about five pieces of clothing”, and another saying that the cord is too short.

Should you buy the COMFEE' ‎CLV09N1AMG portable washer? 

If you live in a particularly small living space, or you only need to wash a few bits and pieces at a time, then the COMFEE' CLV09N1AMG is an enticing choice. This compact machine offers a good selection of cycles, a reasonably fast maximum spin speed and simple operation. Being incredibly lightweight, it's also a handy option for people with mobility issues, who should find it much easier to wheel into place than some of the products on our best portable washers list. It's even lighter than the similarly specced Danby DWM030WDB – although that model should be a lot cheaper since it doesn't come with such high shipping and import costs.

If you need something that'll clean a slightly larger load, try the Magic Chef MCSTCW16W4, which ups the capacity to 1.6 cubic feet and will give you a solid range of features to boot. We've named it our best portable washing machine overall. 

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