BullGuard Premium Protection Review

We had a little trouble getting BullGuard to stop threats coming through the internet without first enabling the parental controls.

Our Verdict

BullGuard does a good job finding malware that is on your computer, but it does struggle to stop them from infecting your computer in the first place. It also doesn’t have many advanced security options for Mac computers and devices.


  • BullGuard has secure parental controls.


  • It doesn’t stop threats coming in through the internet very well.
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We had a little trouble getting BullGuard to stop threats coming through the internet without first enabling the parental controls. Once those were on, it blocked every malicious website and download without a problem, but this is likely because each site where these threats were is rated inappropriate for children. Without the filters on, Bullguard stopped 85 percent of the Windows threats and 80 percent of Mac threats we used to test the best computer protection software. Once threats hit our computers, the software was able to find and quarantine most of these threats without a problem.

BullGuard Premium Protection offers more advanced security tools to Windows computers users than Mac users. The Windows version includes a personal firewall that monitors your internet connection, safe banking tools to help shield your identity and account information while banking and shopping online, and spam filters that check your incoming emails for messages that aren’t from someone you know, even if they look legitimate. These features aren’t on the Mac program.

On both Windows and Mac computers, this computer protection software includes a vulnerability scanner. This feature looks for passwords that haven’t been updated for a while and outdated software and helps you secure these spots so ransomware, hackers and other threats can’t break into your system. On both Mac and WIndows machines BullGuard does a good job blocking phishing schemes. When we attempted to visit websites with phishing schemes on them, the program warned us with an in-browser message.

The parental controls only work on Windows computers and Android mobile devices. While testing these on our PCs, we were impressed with how secure the internet filters are. We chose several preset internet filters and let our kids help us see how well they block sites. For our kids it was frustrating that every online gaming site was blocked, even educational sites like Starfall and FunBrain, when we chose online gaming preset filters. We could give temporary access to some sites and games, but after a while BullGuard reblocked them.

Other than antiphishing tools and a vulnerability scanner, the Mac portion of BullGuard Premium Protection doesn’t include any other tools. There isn’t a firewall or safe banking tools. For more advanced Mac protections you may need to look to Norton Security Premium or Bitdefender Total Security that include more of these tools for Mac. In fact, both programs also include a VPN for Mac computers and laptops.

BullGuard doesn’t work on iOS cellphones or tablets, but it does offer some protection for Android devices. These tools include parental controls so you can monitor what your children are doing online and antitheft tools to help you secure important information and track down a lost or stolen device. You can also block unwanted calls from coming through.

BullGuard does offer some protection for your computers, but it has much more advanced security tools available for Windows computers and Android mobile devices compared to Mac and iOS. It struggles a little stopping threats coming in through the internet unless the parental controls are on, but it does a good job gathering up loose threats once they are on your computer.