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VIPRE Advanced Security Review

We gave VIPRE one of the highest scores for ease of use because it was so simple to install and set up. And we found the settings and tools we needed without spending a lot of time searching for them.

Our Verdict

VIPRE Advanced Security is one of our top picks for antivirus protection because of its high malware detection score and ease of use. Plus it comes with several extra security tools for added protection.


  • VIPRE’s Social Watch protects against threats that try to sneak in while you’re using social media websites. VIPRE is incredibly easy to use.


  • This program had trouble stopping malware coming through Chrome.
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We gave VIPRE one of the highest scores for ease of use because it was so simple to install and set up. And we found the settings and tools we needed without spending a lot of time searching for them. Add in that VIPRE found 99 percent of the malware samples we tested with and it’s easy to see why VIPRE Advanced Security is one of the best antivirus software solutions.

VIPRE has Edge Protection, a tool that monitors malicious websites and virus downloads in the Edge browser without having to enable a browser extension. Extensions for both Chrome and Firefox are enabled from the VIPRE dashboard rather than in the browser themselves, which we found much easier to figure out.

In all browsers VIPRE displays a warning message if you try to visit a dangerous site. And while it stops most malicious downloads during the download process, sometimes VIPRE snatches the threat once it’s completely downloaded but before it has a chance to embed itself and attack your computer. We noticed this happened more often when testing through the Chrome browser compared to Edge and Firefox. Captured threats are safely kept in the quarantine folder then permanently deleted so they can’t re-infect your computer.

Another great feature of VIPRE antivirus is the personal firewall that keeps tabs on anything coming in through your internet connection and email protection that keeps an eye out for viruses in messages, including in attachments. Its anti-phishing tool stops schemes designed to trick you into providing personal information that is then used to drain your bank account, charge credit cards or steal your identity. And while the other programs we reviewed that include phishing filters simply alert you to the threat, VIPRE sends a copy of phishing emails to the quarantine folder. This lets you safely check out the message without worrying about becoming infected with a virus.

VIPRE Advanced Security has secure delete – all the viruses captured are permanently deleted without any trace left on your computer. It also has a social media tool that scans your Facebook timeline to see if anyone has posted a malicious link. The two big tools we didn’t find while testing this program are safe banking features and a password manager. It also doesn’t have a system vulnerability scan.

This antivirus solution caused some slowdown on other testing labs’ computers, but we didn’t notice much lag while we tested VIPRE. We were able to play games, watch videos, attach files to outgoing email, download programs and much more during full scans without any problems. However, if you don’t want to take the chance with your computer’s resources, you can try out Bitdefender Antivirus Plus that has the same protection ability as VIPRE but received high scores for performance from all testing labs, including our own.

VIPRE Advanced Security is a powerful antivirus program, though it had a little trouble stopping some downloads when testing in Chrome. These were still successfully caught and quarantined before they could attack our computers. VIPRE is easy to set up with several functions, like browser extensions, enabled from the dashboard. It has a lot of extra security tools including social media scans and a personal firewall. Other test labs report that VIPRE caused some slowdown to their test machines, but we were able to play games, watch videos and work online without noticing any lag on our computers.

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