The Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 looks much like a basic keyboard that would come with your desktop. The keys are a little softer than usual, but it doesn’t have many additional features that you’d expect from a wireless mouse and keyboard combo.

Our reviewers were not big fans of the wireless keyboard. They didn't like the fact that there wasn't a wrist rest, and many of them felt the keys were too soft. Not only are they soft – they have a deep actuation point of 3.3 mm, where some of the best keyboards only need to be pressed down 2 mm. It doesn't seem like much, but even the slightest difference affects your typing speed. Many of the reviewers felt that the MK270 wireless keyboard feels generic. There wasn’t any discernible difference between it and a regular keyboard that comes with a desktop.

This wireless keyboard is lightweight and small compared to other keyboards, making it much more portable. This is one of the best attributes about the keyboard. It only weighs 0.5 pounds, the lightest keyboard that we reviewed. Some keyboards weigh up to 4 pounds.

The keyboard has great battery life as well. Logitech claims it can last up to three years on a set of AAA batteries. Some of its competitors can only last two months on a single set of batteries. Three years is the best battery life in our comparison.

Like the design of the keyboard, the mouse doesn't stand out in appearance. Many of our reviewers said the mouse was too small and felt uncomfortable to hold. Even our reviewers with smaller hands didn't like the design of the mouse. Overall, it scored the worst in our comfort testing for all mice.

The Logitech wireless mouse doesn't have any additional features beyond left and right clicking and a scroll wheel to vertically navigate webpages. It doesn't have four-way scrolling to allow you to scroll horizontally. It does have an ambidextrous design, great for both left and right handers.

Much like many of the wireless mice we reviewed, this model did not perform well on a glass surface. After testing the mouse on wood, laminate, carpet, denim, marble and glass, it was apparent that glass made the mouse jumpy and less responsive. It's best to stay away from glass countertops while using this mouse.

Although this keyboard and mouse combo is one of the most lightweight and portable combos we reviewed, it is also one of the most uncomfortable. Our reviewers didn't like the lack of a wrist rest or the small mouse. The portability combined with the long battery life does make this keyboard well suited for travelers and students.

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