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Contacts Direct review

Contacts Direct is the quickest and most straightforward site to buy from if you’ve already got your shopping list ready.

Contacts Direct review
(Image: © Contacts Direct)

Our Verdict

Contacts Direct has a basic site that allows you to order quickly and easily, if you know exactly what you want. There are few extras here, so it isn't the site for window-shoppers.


  • Quick ordering
  • Decent prices
  • Commitment to customer service


  • Poor for browsing and window shopping
  • Few extras on offer

Contacts Direct is built for a swift sale, and time-stretched busy people praise Contacts Direct for its no-nonsense approach. It’s far from the prettiest site out there, but this isn’t a beauty contest, it’s a store and you’ve got things you could be doing. On the other hand, if you’re a shopaholic with time to spare, there’s not a lot you’re going to get out of Contacts Direct, other than your lenses. 

There’s no gimmickry or gadgetry, no airy blogs or pore-perfect photography, and that makes it one of the best online contact lenses sites for ease of use. Prices are good, and if they’re ever off by an inch they’re covered by a generous price match promise. Standard shipping is free with modest charges kicking in if you need rush service. All work and no play, Contacts Direct is quick, efficient and businesslike. 

Contacts Direct has chosen its name to carefully and accurately reflect its business philosophy. The most common brands are listed in a strip of drop-down menus, less ubiquitous lenses take one more click to access. This is NOT attractive, but if you know what you want it’s incredibly quick and convenient. 

Contacts Direct review: Prices and offers

Contacts Direct’s prices are in the ballpark of being low, without troubling the serious discounters like AC Lens and Discount Contact Lenses. The savings come with bulk purchases, and there are simple interest-free finance options available to spread the cost. The site takes PayPal as well as your regular card options. The big letdown, is that despite those bulk discounts, there is no subscription service, which is disappointing, as the likes of 1800 Contacts do offer this.

It has the most relaxed price match policy out there, and Contacts Direct is happy to deal with your the best vision insurance companies, and take payments from them, leaving you to cover the excess if there is any. Prices are on the lower side of average, and there are additional discounts for buying your year’s supply at once. There are no subscriptions offered which is a shame.

Contacts Direct will happily take your FSA and HSA cards, as well as your insurance payment as part of the website’s checkout procedure. Just give them your insurance information and Contacts Direct will send them the bill, all you pay is any extra out-of-pocket expenditure, if there is any. They work with all the major insurers and accept out-of-network benefits from a host of others.

Contacts Direct review: Features and website

Contacts Direct is another Luxottica joint, the huge global eyewear manufacturer who sell over a quarter of the world’s glasses. All their websites have a very different look and character, and Contacts Direct, as well as its no-nonsense sale technique uses Luxottica’s heft to provide really impressive, comprehensive customer service. They money-back guarantee satisfaction, as well as free shipping. Their price match promise is joyfully simple and direct. If you see a price lower phone them. They’ll verify it and then match it. Compare this to the convoluted legalese that comes with most price match schemes, like the one offered at Coastal Contact Lens, and it’s like night and day.

Contacts Direct’s front page wastes no time getting you to your chosen brand and model. Within one stroke and click of the mouse we’re at our chosen page, complete with prices and additional saving for buying in bulk. It’s incredibly refreshing to have such a streamlined system, even if it comes at the cost of a pretty site. There are no ornaments or extra toys. Click your lenses, buy your lenses. Or don’t. There’s no fuss and no pressure. There’s the occasional offer, and there are add-on products if you need them, but they’re not rammed down your throat. It’s a wonderfully straightforward and honest transaction. 

Contacts Direct

(Image credit: Contacts Direct)

Their range is extensive too: over 20 manufacturers with styles running into double figures. Unless your prescription or style is super-unique, you’ll be covered here. There are cosmetics and colors to complement the prescription lenses, and if you need solutions, there’s a small but entirely adequate range available to add to your lens order.

Should I use Contacts Direct?

Contacts Direct is child’s play to use and refreshingly quick. As long as you’re buying a product you’re familiar with the buying process could take less than a minute. Customer service is quietly ticking away in the background, should you need it. Their blog is generic and tacked-on, but who needs a blog anyway? 

Insurance is accepted, shipping is free and returns are taken without question unopened and within a year of purchase. There’s an entirely adequate range of solutions, and make sure to look out for offer codes. The lack of subscriptions is made up for with discounts on annual purchases. Not as convenient, but a good halfway house maybe. If you’re reordering your regular contact subscription Contacts Direct is quick and easy.