Costway EP24403 portable washer review

The Costway EP24403 portable washer helps save on space and energy usage while being easy to use

Costway EP24403 review
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The Costway EP24403 portable washer is a small and fairly basic appliance that will suit many people’s needs for smaller loads and occasional washes.


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    Very compact

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    Saves on water and detergent


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    Too small for the average family

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    Not very robust

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The Costway EP24403 portable washer is a very small top-loading washing machine and it is also a useful size, though it may not be among the best portable washers. It will suit a single person or a small family and it will take small loads at a time.

It’s ideal for tiny apartments, mobile, and vacation homes, and for places where it’s difficult to have a machine plumbed in.

Costway EP24403: Essential Info

Very compact size

Lightweight and portable

Costs around $299

Eco-design to use less water

Easy to use and run

Stainless steel drum

Ideal for small loads

10 programs including eight water level selections

Cheap to run

850RPM spin and lint trap filter 

It also has a fairly good variety of programs and it has an agitator in the base of the machine, which leaves room for more laundry inside the durable stainless steel drum. It can be located anywhere you have a sink or a faucet and drain, and you could easily use it on a rack with a dryer above it. 

The Costway EP24403 portable clothes washer is easy to set up and run and it has a fairly fast spin speed -  850 rpm - for the size of the machine, so it will help you to get through laundry loads more quickly.

Costway EP24403 portable washer: How big is it?

  • Length: 19 (in)
  • Width: 19 (in)
  • Height: 33.5 (in)

The Costway EP24403 has a capacity of 1.34 cubic feet, which is very small and which means that it might struggle with a family load. Ideally, it would take a small load for one or two people, or a set of queen-sized sheets and pillowcases.  

Costway EP24403 review

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Costway EP24403 portable washer: How easy is it to install?

This neat little machine is easy to use, as it has just one inlet and one outlet hose, so all you need to do is connect the water inlet hose to a faucet and the drain hose to a sink or drain. It has adjustable feet to ensure you place it evenly on the floor, even if the floor itself is a little uneven. It’s worth taking some time over this, as having an uneven base can lead to the machine shaking and vibrating.  

Costway EP24403 portable washer: What’s good about it?

Although the Costway EP24403 portable washer is a very small washing machine, the fact that the agitator is located on the base of the drum means that there is more space within the drum for clothing, and as well as this, longer items of clothing aren’t caught around an upright agitator which can lead to an uneven load. It is simple to use and can be placed anywhere – even in a shower or bathtub, so long as you have access to a faucet and a drain. 

The clear lid means you can keep an eye on how your wash is doing and check there is enough water. It will hold 9.92 pounds of laundry and its drain pump dumps all the water out of the machine after the wash cycle is done. It’s easy to add additional water if needed, by pressing the water level/spin button. The machine itself is lightweight, meaning it’s simple to move it from one position to another and it has a child lock, so that once you have set your wash cycle, all the buttons are disabled and the lid locked. It has a sensor that will kick in if it’s unbalanced, designed to reduce vibration.

Costway EP24403 review

(Image credit: Costway)

Costway EP24403 portable washer: What’s not so good about it?

You may need to buy a separate connection hose to fit the space you want to have the machine located, as the one it comes supplied with is quite short. There are 10 wash and eight water program selections, which is probably a little over-complicated for a machine that only takes small loads. You’ll probably end up using just one or two of the programs and you’ll need to add your detergent straight to the drum as there is no dispenser. 

The Costway EP24403 is a small and portable washer but does not have wheels, so you might want to invest in a dolly to move it about. The lid is locked for the duration of the wash, meaning you can’t add extra forgotten items once the wash starts, which is a handy feature of many other top loading washers. 

Costway EP24403 portable washer: How efficient is it?

The machine is designed to use only small amounts of electricity and it is also water-saving, making it a good environmentally-friendly choice. With a spin speed of 850 rpm, it will leave clothes pretty dry, meaning they need less time in the dryer.  

Costway EP24403 portable washer: User reviews

Many reviewers on the Walmart website said that they were delighted with how small and compact the Costway EP24403 portable washer is, though they often commented that the inlet hose was too short and needed an extension, which pushes up the cost a little. They were pleasantly surprised that the machine would wash so well, even though it only takes a small load and it is fairly quiet in use. They also said that the spin speed was good enough for most loads, meaning clothes needed less time in the dryer.  

Should you buy the Costway EP24403 portable washer?

The Costway EP24403 is a very small and compact portable washing machine that is great for places where you can’t fit a full-sized washer. It has a surprisingly fast spin speed for such a compact machine, though it has only a small load capacity. It is light on energy and water use and simple to set up and run. It’s the ideal choice for those living in very small homes without space enough for a laundry room, or for those who don’t want to keep running to the laundromat.  

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