DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower review: lightweight yet powerful

The DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower is a great cordless lawn mower to help you tackle your grass this summer.

dewalt DCMWP600X2 from above
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower is a solid mower from DeWalt. It offers good battery life, plenty of cutting power, and impressive quietness.


  • +

    Impressively quiet

  • +

    Very lightweight

  • +

    Great cutting performance


  • -

    Pricier than other good mowers we've tested

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    Battery life may not be long enough for bigger lawns

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Ah summer. As the weather warms up, there’s nothing quite like digging out the bathing suits, mixing up some margaritas, and spending time in the great outdoors. It also means mowing your grass regularly is part of your schedule again.

If none of the best lawn mowers in our guide grab your fancy, the new DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower (model no.DCMWP600X2) might be worth a look. It’s a new mower from the company long known for making quality power tools and is a pretty significant upgrade over the previous lineup.

With up to 80 minutes of run time, a new dual-blade cutting system, and an LED indicator panel, it’s a pretty compelling option. Read on to find out if it was up to the cutting task in my backyard then, see how it compares to the best cordless lawn mowers.

Jason Cockerham head shot
Jason Cockerham

Jason has been mowing lawns since he was big enough to push a mower and been playing with tech gadgets for almost as long. He thoroughly enjoys a good day of yard work especially with a mower that’s powerful and efficient. He has been testing and reviewing products for over ten years and cut his lawn six times in a row with the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower over the span of about a month.

DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower: First Impressions

The DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower arrived in one big box with everything inside required to get started. It was folded over with a pleasantly small amount of plastic and bubble wrap. Since it’s battery powered, there’s no big heavy engine or grimy hoses to mess with, just a couple batteries to charge up.

The DeWalt DCMWP600X2 in the box

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

Setting it up could not be simpler. To unfold the handle, you simply press the big yellow button under the middle bar, fold it over until it clicks, then pull up on the handle until it snaps in place. Once the battery is charged, slide it into the slot under the battery cover and insert the yellow safety key under the handlebar and you’re ready to go.

The folding design means it also folds up nicely for storing, saving you quite a lot of space during the winter months.

DeWalt DCMWP600X2 folded standing vertically in tool shed surround by other tools

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham`)

Included with the mower are two 9mAh 60V batteries, 2 4-amp chargers (not the fast chargers, sadly), a bagger, mulch plug, and side discharge chute. 

DeWALT DCMWP600X2 with all accessories

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower: Price & availability

As this is a new mower that is just starting to roll out, it’s availability is a bit limited at the moment. You can grab the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower now direct from or reseller Acme Tools. The self-propelled version is the DCMWSP650Y2 (DCMWSP550N-XJ in the UK) starts at $799 and can be purchased from Acme Tools and Ace Hardware.

The DeWalt DCMWP600X2 is priced at $649 which puts it mid-range. DeWalt does not sell their 60V system in the UK, so the DCMWP500N-XJ is essentially the same mower, just at 54V instead of 60V. 

DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower: Design

The DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower might look like a typical lawn mower at first glance, but upon getting it out of the box and setup, I was immediately impressed with how compact it is. While most other mowers I’ve tested or come across seem to have fairly large housings, the one on this mower is quite small. The 21 in. cutting deck is also quite thin.

DeWalt DCMWP600X2 unfolded on backyard deck with box nearby

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

The handle includes the bail handle, LED notification dashboard, power button, and safety key. The bar below the handle is how you fold the mower. Simply press the button, slide the handle bar all the way in until it clicks, then fold the bars over for easy storage.

DeWalt DCMWP600X2 handlebar with LED notification panel

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

I was somewhat surprised by how vastly different the size of front and rear wheels are. The front wheels look like wheels your mind find on an office cart while the back wheels are much more aggressive look like tiny tractor wheels.

Score: 5 out of 5

DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower: Key specs

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Model name:DCMWP600X2
Weight77 lbs.
Run time: Up to 80 minutes
Charge time:About 2 hours per battery (from empty with included charger)
Cutting width:21 in.
Cutting height: 1.5 - 4 in.
Height adjustment6 positions with one-handed adjustment
Included accessories:2 20V/60V MAX FlexiVolt 9Ah batters, 1 12 Amp charger, bagger, mulcher, side discharge chute

DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower: Performance

As I got to use this mower at the start of the cutting season, I was able to start cutting my grass a bit higher as it was starting to wake up, then lower the height a bit to keep it nice and trim. The adjustment handle is wonderfully easy to use, so much so that my 4-year old had no trouble adjusting it on his own.

My great first impression of the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower continued as I used it. After waiting a couple of hours for the batteries to charge, I powered it on and got to work.

I love how easily it turns on, without having to pull a string or deal with any sort of choke or other difficult-to-start contraptions. You simply pull the handle and press the power button and you’re immediately ready to go.


Mowing a yard with DeWalt DCMWP600X2

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

The new dual-blade cutting system works great too. I never saw any random blades of grass sticking up (a tell-tale sign of dull mower blades) and I never had trouble getting through the taller grass after missing a few times of mowing.

After a less-than-stellar experience with my previous cordless DeWalt mower, I was a bit apprehensive about the battery life on the DCMWP600X2. DeWalt promises up to 80 minutes of run time, and I’d say that holds up. Typically it takes me about two hours to mow my front and back yards (about 6,800 square feet) and I was able to make it through a typical cut entirely on a single battery without having to stop to recharge.

I wasn’t always to get by with only one battery, and if the grass was a bit higher, or I used the bag, I would definitely need both batteries, but even then I was never unable to finish mowing the lawn in a single go. That’s absolutely not something I could say of my previous mower. Being able to only use one battery at a time (due to the power of 60V) is definitely a game changer.

DeWalt DCMWP600X2 laying on side to show dual blades under cutting deck

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

DeWalt says the charge time for the batteries is 45 minutes, but it ended up taking me probably close to double that to recharge these batteries from flat. I’d be willing to bet their stated charge time is when using their fast charger (sold separately), but I couldn’t find that stated anywhere.

My two favorite things about the DCMWP600X2 is firstly how quiet it is. With my earbuds in, I literally could not even tell if the motor was running while I was working. My decibel meter clocked it at around 70 db when running which is about what a quiet street or a typical dishwasher sounds like. No wonder I couldn’t hear it with my headphones in.

Secondly, this mower is amazingly light and easy to turn. I’ve never used a mower that was so easy to push, and even my 4-year-old was able to push it all around our backyard (while switched off, of course) without any issues.

I lied, I have a third favorite thing: the side discharge chute. Since I live in a warm climate where the grass grows quite fast, I typically mulch my yard since I’m cutting it so frequently. This would sometimes leave those unsightly clumps of grass in the yard where it might have been a bit thicker but using the side discharge chute changed all of that.

As the name suggests, the side discharge chute spits the grass out to the left side of the mower which distributes the mulch clippings much more evenly across the yard. My only complaint with this is that it requires me to mow my lawn in the wrong direction. I am left-handed and for those that aren’t aware, there is only one correct direction to mow the lawn and using this left-facing side chute forced me to mow my entire lawn backwards like a neanderthal. But I digress…

Joking aside, I might end up just retraining myself to mow the grass while using the side chute because it’s so useful.

Close up of DeWalt DCMWP600X2 side discharge chute on mower

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

When bagging the grass, DeWalt claims the back can fill about 95% full before needing to be emptied, which is a huge improvement over most other mowers I’ve used. With other mowers, I’ll start to see clumps of grass being left behind when the bag is barely over half full but on the DCMWP600X2, I would agree with that 95% claim.

The only downside is you can’t really see into the bag at all while your mowing, you just have to stop and check every few minutes. Once you get used to the mower, you could probably begin to tell by the weight, but I haven’t had it long enough for that.

DeWalt DCMWP600X2 bag full of grass clippings

(Image credit: Future / Jason Cockerham)

Overall, I have absolutely no complaints about how well the DCMWP600X2 performs. It’s my new favorite mower.

Cleaning and maintenance for the mower is quite simple as well. After every few mows, use compressed air to blow out the clippings and/or dirt from the the top and bottom of the mower. It’s not a good idea to use water or any other chemicals to clean the mower, something about water and electricity not mixing well.

DeWalt does make replacement blades for $31.99 from Acme Tools and if you’re extra handy, you can sharpen them yourself when needed.

Score: 5 out of 5

DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower: User reviews

As of the time of writing, the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower is still pretty new so there have not been too many user reviews of it yet. However, I did find a couple positive reviews on Acme Tools, both of which mirrored my own thoughts.

One reviewer appreciated the build quality by saying: “Better built than I thought…and plenty of power to get the job done.”

The other customer was impressed with the performance saying it “cuts like a dream. Used it to cut about 500 sq ft of yard that had not been mowed in over a month with very little difficulty.”

I was also impressed with the build quality and cutting performance during my own testing so it’s nice to see other users had similar experiences.

Should you buy the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower

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Score card
Price & availabilityThe price is about what you'd expect for this type of mower, if you can find it★★★★
DesignAmazingly compact and lightweight, folding handle for easy storage, and useful battery notifications. ★★★★★
PerformanceExtremely quiet, easy to use, cuts well. Included side discharge chute is surprisingly useful.★★★★★

Buy it if...

You want a compact, light weight mower

The DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower is impressively light. I had no trouble pushing it around the yard and didn’t’ have to sacrifice cutting power.

You want good battery life

I never once ran out of power before finishing my 6,800 square foot yard. Being able to use only one battery at a time gives you more than enough juice to get the job done.

You don't have much storage space

The DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower already doesn’t take up a lot of space, but the folding handle and vertical storage capabilities make it even easier to save room in a crowded garage.

Don't buy it if...

You have a sizeable yard

While there are a lot of advantages to cordless lawn mowers, for those with larger yards, a gas mower might still be more economical.

You're on a budget

The DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower isn’t the most expensive cordless mower we’ve tested, but there certainly are less expensive options as well.

How does the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower compare?

The Toro 60V Max 22in Recycler Lawn Mower has a larger cutting deck than the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower and our tester was impressed with it’s performance. It takes a while to charger, however, and our tester was a bit worried about the mower not having quite enough suction to keep the clippings off the lawn when the bag is full.

The Ryobi 40V Brushless Smart Trek mower is the absolute best bang for your buck if you’re looking for a good cordless mower that’s not as pricey as the rest. It’s also self-propelled and is backed by a five-year warranty.

How I tested the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower

I used the DeWalt 60V MAX Brushless Push Mower to cut my grass right at the start of the summer season as the grass is starting to grow fast and thick. I mowed with it once, sometimes twice a week for approximately six weeks to mow both my front and back yard.

Read more about how we test.

First reviewed June 2024

Jason Cockerham
TTR Contributing Editor, Mowers

Jason, an experienced freelance writer and tech reviewer, now explores reviewing pizza ovens and lawn mowers for Top Ten Reviews alongside his smartphone expertise. With a background in filmmaking and technology, he has contributed to major tech platforms and enjoys spending time with his family, tending to his garden, and woodworking.