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Electrolux Review

Electrolux makes some of the best dishwashers on the market today. Each model comes with brand-specific controls such as IQ-Touch and Wave-Touch. The machines also come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that fits your kitchen.

Electrolux makes some of the best dishwashers (opens in new tab) on the market today. Each model comes with brand-specific controls such as IQ-Touch and Wave-Touch. The machines also come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that fits your kitchen. They all have an array of wash cycles and options to address specific dishwashing needs. Additionally, almost all the models sold by Electrolux are ENERGY STAR qualified, so they use as little power as possible to get your dishes clean.

The best dishwashers made by Electrolux have nine separate wash cycles, including auto wash, delicate, eco wash, favorite, heavy, normal, perfect stemware and rinse only. These options allow you to customize the wash for specific dish types. The delicate and stemware wash cycles are ideal for dishes that require special care. The heavy cycle is great for cleaning up stubborn or caked-on messes. The machines augment their wash cycles with options such as variable spray pressures and heated dry. There are also target wash zones, so you don’t have to prewash your dishes. You can program the machine to remember which cycles you use most by setting them to “favorite.” 

Depending on which model you buy, you can get an Electrolux machine with up to three adjustable racks that have fold-down tines to accommodate bulky items. Most models come with three spray arms – older dishwashers typically only have two. This additional spray arm speeds the cleaning process. Another excellent model with a focus on wash quality, and spray arms that reach the furthest away corners, is the LG LDT6809SS. (opens in new tab)

These dishwashers have several convenient features such a delay-start timer. This is useful if you live in an area that offers cheaper power rates outside of peak hours, usually in the middle of the night. They also have soil sensors that use infrared technology to determine if the water circulating inside the machine is clean. When the sensor detects dirty water, the machine assumes the dishes are still dirty and automatically extends the wash cycle. Additionally, you can lock the controls so kids and animals can’t push buttons and interrupt the wash cycle. If you're intrigued by the sound of a dishwasher with features that can make your life easier, check out the smart-enabled KitchenAid KDPE234GPS. (opens in new tab)

IQ-Touch and Wave-Touch are the control mechanisms used by most Electrolux dishwashers. IQ-Touch controls are visible all the time. Wave-Touch controls disappear until you wave your hand in front of them to make them light up. One control system isn’t inherently better than the other, and which works best is mostly a matter of personal taste.

Almost all the dishwashers offered by Electrolux are ENERGY STAR qualified. This means they meet or exceed all the eco-friendly requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency. ENERGY STAR rated machines can lessen your impact on the environment and save you money in the long run.

Electrolux offers a solid warranty on all the dishwashers it sells. Parts and labor are covered for the first year. The racks and other electronics have a five-year warranty, while the tub and door lining is under warranty for the life of the machine.

Electrolux makes some of the top-rated dishwashers on the market. Its machines have a wide variety of wash cycles, additional options, and features that make it easy to clean all the dishes you own. Their versatile wash zones reduce the need for prewashing, and they are also very energy efficient. No matter your home’s needs, Electrolux likely has a dishwasher that will work well for you.

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