Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2472PF Review

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued.

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The Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2472PF dishwasher offers acceptable functionality and features but it lacks in vital areas.


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    This Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher is an energy-efficient unit that has a handful of eco-friendly functions.


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    The warranty coverage falls very short on this unit.

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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2472PF dishwasher is a modest option for a family or individual, as it has all the functionality you would want in a dishwasher. However, Frigidaire drops the ball on the warranty coverage it offers, which makes it a less likable option. Additionally, its 51-decibel sound level is louder than many of the machines on our dishwasher comparison; but even so, it is still relatively quiet. 

This unit features two racks that can fit up to 14 place settings in one load. You also have a large silverware basket that has multiple compartments and fits up to 180 items. Additionally, you benefit from six wash cycles and five wash options on this dishwasher. The wash cycles on this unit are heavy wash, normal wash, light wash, china crystal, energy saver and rinse only. The additional wash options are sanitize, high temp wash, air dry, delay start and a lock function. If you like having more cycles to choose from then check out the LG LDT6809SS. 

To increase the versatility of this integrated dishwasher, Frigidaire offers an adjustable upper dish rack on the unit. Whereas in most dishwashers you can only fit bowls, glassware and small items on the top rack, this adjustable rack allows you to fit tall items and increase the number and type of dishes you can put in each load. If you don't need all the space a full-sized dishwasher can offer, why not check out one of the best countertop dishwashers, which can help you save on both space and energy bills.

Like many top-rated dishwashers, this unit adopts the Energy Saver standards of performance to increase your savings. In addition to its energy efficiency, the dishwasher also offers an air dry option that simply lets your dishes dry without the use of the heating element. However, the unit automatically defaults to the heated dry option so you must select the air dry option for the heated dry to not be used.

The unit also includes an energy saver wash cycle, which, when selected, will decrease the wash cycle time and use less water and energy than the heavier wash cycles. However, it's best to use this mode only when the dishes are not heavily soiled.

Although this dishwasher is high quality, Frigidaire falls quite short on the warranty coverage it offers compared to the industry standard. You only get a one-year warranty all around on this Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher, whereas many manufacturers will offer lengthier coverage with certain parts of the unit.

Frigidaire offers help and support via phone, live chat and also by email by filling out an online contact form on the company's website. You can also access the unit’s user manual and FAQs on the website.

While the Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2472PF dishwasher offers great functionality and sufficient features, the warranty coverage makes it a less attractive unit. However, you benefit from an energy-efficient dishwasher that includes eco-friendly functions to help you be environmentally conscious.

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