AVerMedia EzRecorder 310 review

The AVerMedia EzRecorder 310 DVR can TV shows and movies from most sources onto a hard drive, but it can only record one show at a time.

AVerMedia EzRecorder 310 review

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Though it has a large storage capacity and can record from most available sources, the AVerMedia EzRecorder 310 can only record one thing at a time, limiting its usefulness.


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    Can record from most sources


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    Automatically blocks recording of anything it deems copyright infringement.

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The AVerMedia EzRecorder 310 DVR can record your favorite TV shows and movies from many diverse sources onto a hard drive. As nice as this sounds, however, you are limited to only one tuner, so you can only record or watch one show at a time. Most DVRs in our comparison have at least four tuners, and the Dish Hopper 3 has a whopping 16, making it great for power users. You have to be careful using the EzRecorder because if it detects you’re using a splitter or otherwise violating its built-in copyright protection, it might not work.

Its predecessor, the 130, came with an impressive 2TB hard drive, which allowed it to record up to 1,300 hours of standard definition content or up to 400 hours of pure HD content. However, AVerMedia inexplicably decided to forego including an internal hard drive with the 310, leaving you to provide your own. They stipulate any connected external drive must be at least 500GB but no larger than 2TB. If you don’t already own an external hard drive or would need to buy an additional one to dedicate to the DVR, this bumps up your overall cost.

This limited functionality isn’t ideal if multiple people in your household plan on using it. Still, the 310 has a few run-of-the-mill functions you’d expect from a DVR; for example, you can skip commercials in recorded content and schedule a recording for a single or recurring show.

AVerMedia’s DVR sits in the middle of the range in how many sources it can capture content from. A few devices on our lineup can record video from four or five sources, while others can only access two. The EzRecorder 310 offers you three sources – cable channels, over-the-air channels and streaming media – though it doesn’t support 4K content. However, unlike every other DVR in our comparison, the 310 doesn’t have a companion mobile app, which could let you watch any of your recorded content while on the go.

However, you should keep in mind this DVR automatically prevents the download of certain content if it detects you’re using a splitter or recording something you shouldn’t be. While this may sound frustrating, it can give you a better idea of what’s okay to record and keep you from getting into any kind of trouble.

The EzRecorder 310 has a somewhat limited port selection. With two HDMI ports, an Ethernet and a single USB 2.0 port, you may feel limited in your connectivity. It does have component video and audio connections as well. As a unique feature, it lets you trim and edit any video you record directly from the interface. You can eliminate commercials or unwanted scenes so you never see them when you rewatch the video in the future.

It isn’t a large DVR, measuring 7 inches wide, 6 inches long and 1.3 inches tall. It weighs 13.6 ounces and should be easy to store or hide in your entertainment center. The digital video recorder is backed by a hearty support section, with technical support and FAQs. You can even contact customer support representatives via phone or email if you want to discuss an issue directly.

Should you buy the AVerMedia EzRecorder 310?

The AVerMedia EzRecorder 310 has a unique balance of features, functionality and content accessibility, though it is ultimately limited by its single tuner. It’s a good option for those wanting only the basics from a few sources, but it’s not ideal if multiple people want to use it simultaneously.

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