Edge removes autoplay and Chrome gains screenshotting feature

Edge removes autoplay and Chrome gains screenshotting feature
(Image credit: Microsoft/Google)

Both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are gaining some extra useful features in future updates with Edge limiting pesky autoplay settings and Google Chrome making screenshotting sites much simpler. It's all part of the never ending battle between two of the best web browsers and one that should prove useful to consumers.

Microsoft has decided to focus on how its browser handles auto playing of media, as spotted in the Microsoft 365 roadmap. Plans are that Microsoft Edge version 92 will include the option to change the default entry on allowing auto playing media within the browser. It's a small sounding feature but an important one if you've ever been pestered by a video auto playing and either making you jump or simply use up some precious resources.

It's a feature that Google Chrome has had for a while now with Microsoft aiming to include the setting by the end of July for all users. 

Of course, if you're still a big fan of Google Chrome then you'll also love what Google has planned. Spotted on the Chromium Gerrit - Google’s technical way of offering insight into what’s next -  it looks like the company is adding a new screenshot and sharing option to the popular browser. Right now, you can just hit the Print Screen button and paste the picture into an image editor but a future update means that a screen grabber will be integrated into Chrome. Effectively, it's like Windows' Snipping Tool meaning it's caught up with Microsoft Edge on this front.

Google has announced it's part of a plan to "centralize and deduplicate the various sharing options that are currently scattered across various menus" which basically means Google wants to make the process simpler for you and I. The tool is likely to include the option to grab a selection of a page as well as the whole thing, with the ability to take scrolling screenshots also a choice here. 

For now, there's no set date on when this update will roll out so don't get too excited yet. However, as always, it seems the competition between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is ensuring both browsers remain highly competent for their users. Whatever you choose, you should be fairly happy. 

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