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Travelwey Home LED Clock

The Travelwey Home alarm clock is a no-frills and affordable option to wake even the deepest sleeper. There are only three buttons on the back panel that control the display dimmer, alarm volume and a

Mpow Projection Clock

The Mpow Projection Clock has a large, curved display to help you read the current time from multiple angles. The adjustable projector displays the time on a wall or ceiling, which is a valuable featu

Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

Most alarm clocks with a sunrise simulation cost upwards of $40. The Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock is only $20 and has a great selection of alarm options. The LED light display also doubles as an attra

Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl

The Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl is a stuffed animal with a removeable baby sound machine. The sound machine fits snug in the owl’s belly and has a night light that projects stars on a wall or ce

WavHello SoundBub

The WavHello SoundBub has some unique features that make it a useful addition to your diaper bag. This is the only baby sound machine we tested that has a rechargeable battery. It charges with a norma

myBaby SoundSpa Portable MYB-S205

The MyBaby SoundSpa Portable is lightweight, durable and operates on batteries, making it one of the best baby sound machines to travel with. This sleep machine performed well in our sound quality and

SmartPool PE23 PoolEye AG/IG

This pool alarm is built to work on in-ground or above-ground pools, though there needs to be a flat surface adjacent to the pool like a deck. It runs on 9-volt batteries, we didn’t consider a b

Blue Wave NA4212

In our tests, the Blue Wave fared pretty well. The alarm sounded when we tossed a wet sweatshirt into the pool as well as when a person got in the water, so it’ll definitely notice if a deck cha

Brickhouse Pool Alarm

This pool alarm is made for pools that are either in-ground or near a deck – you have to install the top of the alarm on a flat surface so the arm can extend down into the water. It is a subsurf

Wave Premium Sleep Therapy

The Wave Premium sound machine is compact and easy to use, but the sound emanating from the speaker is high-pitched and produced poor results in our audio quality and sound masking tests. If you&rsquo

Big Red Rooster

The Big Red Rooster sound machine is compact and works with batteries, which are important features for traveling with a sound machine. Unfortunately, the buttons and overall design feels cheap and fl


A few of the sound machines we tested masked noise better than the Avantek, but we’re not sure the difference is worth twice the cost. The Avantek has 20 sound profiles, including six white nois

Winbest Master-200

This metal detector has a 10-inch concentric searchcoil that can search as deep as 10 inches below the surface of the ground. Depth is displayed using a series of about a dozen notches. The instructio

Tesoro Mojave

This metal detector has a 7-inch concentric searchcoil, the smallest of any we tested. Its cone-shaped search field can penetrate about 7 inches underground. According to the instruction manual, searc

Bounty Hunter Titanium

In the six years we’ve reviewed metal detectors, we’ve come to realize most of them aren’t very accurate at estimating depth. The Bounty Hunter Titanium Camo, however, got the depth


This pet tracker transmits a radio signal between the tag and a small receiver to keep track of your pet. You get a receiver, two 0.3-ounce trackers and two splashproof cases that attach to your pet&r

Pod 3

The Pod 3 is a GPS tracker that stands out because of its cylindrical design. The tag itself weighs 1.4 ounces, and even though it’s not the lightest one in our lineup, the rubber strap used to


This pet tracker’s live tracking function impressed us with its accuracy and usefulness in a real-life scenario searching for a lost pet. It is a GPS tracker that pairs with a free smartphone ap

Whistle 3

The Whistle 3 is a GPS tracker that works through a free smartphone app. This means you need cell phone service or Wi-Fi, but if that’s accessible you can track your pet anywhere. To set up the

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