Pros / It’s affordable.

Cons / It struggled to detect any silver.

 Verdict / The Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro is an affordable metal detector that, in our tests, was one of the most accurate.

This metal detector has a variety of features all accessible on a large LCD screen, so even those new to the hobby will be able to figure out how to start using it. It has a 10-inch concentric coil, which means its search field is cone-shaped. The widest part of the search field is closest to the coil and it gets progressively smaller the deeper it goes. The Quick Draw Pro is rated to find objects as deep as 9 inches, but in our tests it was able to correctly identify three objects buried 10 inches or deeper.

This detector also has 10 levels of sensitivity adjustment. This comes in handy if you’re not picking up anything during a hunt or if you’re experiencing a lot of feedback and random beeping. If your detector is giving you erratic readings, simply turn the sensitivity down. The LCD screen is easy to see in daylight and displays not only sensitivity, but notching and discrimination as well. You can use these functions to look for specific kinds of metal. This is incredibly useful if you’re searching for a lost gold or silver ring or just trying to find a specific kind of old coin.

There is also a large, centralized pinpoint mode button that is easy to access. This function is useful for more closely identifying what a buried object might be. As with most metal detectors, you’ll see a target ID number that corresponds to the conductivity of the metal buried underground, but the Quick Draw Pro also shows you what it might be so you don’t need to memorize target ID numbers. Across the top of the LED screen, the detector shows tabs for iron, foil, aluminum, zinc, a quarter and various other common metals. This way, you have an even better idea of what could be underground.

For our tests, we buried objects made of seven different kinds of metal at depths of 2, 6, 10 and 12 inches in soil. We conducted these tests inside with a flower pot, but we made sure to ground the detector and eliminate any interference before we took a reading. The metal detectors in our lineup don’t detect 1 foot into the ground, but we wanted to see if there were any standout models. The Quick Draw Pro picked up 57 percent of the objects we buried and correctly identified all but one, earning an A+ in detection.

The Quick Draw Pro displays a found object’s possible depth using three arrows. Per the instructions, one arrow means the coin is on the surface, two means it’s shallow and three means its deep (about 9 inches.) While this isn’t the most accurate system, in our tests we decided objects buried at 2 inches should have shown up at a depth of one arrow, objects buried at 6 inches with two arrows and anything deeper as three arrows. This metal detector got the depth right 36 percent of the time, which was the second highest accuracy rate of the machines we tested. This earned it a B grade for depth accuracy, coming in second to the Bounty Hunter Titanium Camo.

Users also have access to volume control. We favor machines with this option because the beeping gets a little annoying for the user as well as anyone else in the vicinity.

Assembling the Quick Draw Pro was relatively easy as no extra tools were required unlike the Garrett Ace 400. It runs on a 9-volt battery so you should get 20 to 25 hours of treasure hunting from one fully charged battery. It has a five-year warranty, and you can contact Bounty Hunter customer service via phone or by sending a message through the company’s website. Our research shows there are numerous metal detecting clubs across the country. If you find yourself struggling, a quick Google search for your nearest metal detecting treasure hunter group could result in not only helpful pointers, but also some new friends. If you live on the coast, the Quick Draw Pro might not be for you though. The instructions specifically say it is not for use on wet sand saltwater beaches. Still, at 2.4 pounds, it’s not too heavy so you can go look for treasure for hours on end.

  • Objects Detected
  • Correct Identification
  • Approximate Identification
  • Accurate Depth
  1. In our tests, this is the percentage of metal objects it detected.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 3  Bounty Hunter Quick Draw
    85.0 %
  3. 98.0 %
  4. %
  5. Category Average
    88.17 %
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