A household name in consumer electronics, LG produces a range of DVD and Blu-ray players. Models vary from simple, no-frills, budget-friendly DVD players to high-end, upscaling, 3D, 4K HD players, so you can find a player that meets your needs, regardless of budget.

LG offers some multi-region or region-free DVD and Blu-ray players, but it’s still essential that you check the restrictions before buying, particularly if you want to play discs from other countries. Even if you opt for a 4K player, it still needs to be region-free or multi-region because, although 4K discs aren’t region-encoded, any other discs you play on the machine will remain encoded. Basic LG models don’t offer internet access, and therefore don’t offer streaming, but upscale products do.

LG Blu-ray and DVD players connect to your television via HDMI and offer optical audio output. Wi-Fi Direct increases the connectivity and convenience of some of LG’s top-range players, as it allows you to easily connect to other wireless-enabled devices like cameras, laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktops to share content across a local network. Most models also have a USB port so you can access files, music, and movies from USB-connected devices and storage drives. Although basic models don’t have much in the way of connectivity, mid- and high-range models offer internet access, either wirelessly or via Ethernet cable.

Even LG’s budget-friendly DVD players provide at least 1080p Full HD, and many of these can upscale lower-resolution content to Full HD quality. If you’ve got a 4K or Ultra HD television, you can find a 4K Blu-ray and DVD player from LG to make the most of your home theater experience. The 4K players from this brand also upscale lower-resolution content to Ultra HD or close to it for the best possible image quality. Some LG players also support 3D playback and offer 2D-to-3D conversion.

LG Smart, which is found on LG Blu-ray and DVD players with internet access and Wi-Fi Direct, lets you access native apps for catch-up TV, streaming, movies, sport and music services, to name a few. Some players come with the LG Magic Remote, which uses motion sensitivity to control your DVD player. A number of these products support HDD playback, letting you connect an external hard drive and access files or play content from it on your television.

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