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Bang & Olufsen

This wireless speaker from Bang & Olufsen has an incredibly detailed sound stage controlled with the best companion app we tested. The closed cabinet is available in two color options and is compa

Riva Arena

Riva is not the most recognizable name in the wireless speaker industry, but the audio quality and connectivity options in the Riva Arena warrant serious consideration. The compact and durable enclosu

Singtrix SGTX1

The Singtrix Party Bundle, seen on TV shows like Shark Tank and Ellen, is a karaoke machine that's great for parties and especially for those who love dressing up their singing performances with hundr

Singing Machine ISM1060BT

With the Singing Machine ISM1060BT, you and your kids can have a wonderful time singing karaoke tunes at home. The karaoke machine has all the standard connectivity options, so you’ll never stru

Electrohome EAKAR535

As karaoke machines go, the Electrohome EAKAR535 has a stylish and portable design that makes it easy for kids and adults alike to use. Its small and sleek build lets it easily blend in with other ele

Singing Machine Fiesta Plus

The Singing Machine Fiesta Plus karaoke machine is a streamlined, all-in-one system that comes with the portability and accessories to make your karaoke party a success. It includes two wired micropho

VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On Roller

VocoPro’s Karaoke Rock-On Roller is a truly impressive all-in-one karaoke system that works well for both small and large venues. With full-featured audio controls, you can play and adjust music

VTech Kidizoom

With the VTech Kidizoom Action Zoom 180, your kids can easily take pictures of all the cool things they see at the beach or on a road trip. The waterproof camera is intuitive and simple in its design,


Action cameras like the AKASO EK7000 have become super popular lately, as they can easily capture any kind of adventure, from parkour to a cycling marathon. However, it can be hard to pay several hund

Ivation 20MP

The Ivation 20MP is one of the most inexpensive waterproof cameras on the market and in our comparison. This underwater camera is one of the smallest and lightest of the bunch. It only weighs 10.2 oun


The ETTG BP88 provides low-resolution photos with middling quality. It feels cheaply made, and with its lack of features and dull performance all-around, the off-brand waterproof camera doesn’t

Ricoh WG-50

When you hold the Ricoh WG-50 in your hands, the first thing you’ll notice is its high-quality, rugged construction. Nothing about the camera feels cheap. It is very easy to grip, and the overal

Fujifilm FinePix XP130

The Fujifilm FinePix XP130 is a solid underwater camera that takes respectable pictures and is rugged enough to endure an adventure. This waterproof camera is rated to survive dives down to 65 feet un

Nikon W300

The Nikon COOLPIX W300 is rugged and takes great pictures both above and below water, which is exactly what you’d expect from such a big optics company. The W300 takes ultra high-definition 4K v

Tablo 4-Tuner OTA

With the Nuvyyo Tablo 4-Tuner OTA, you can record four programs simultaneously. Opting into its subscription service gets you access to organization and scheduling options, extensive guides, filters a

Tablo Dual 64GB OTA

The Tablo 64GB OTA is a pretty fuss-free DVR which provides decent access to over-the-air (OTA) content. However, its recording capacity is limited, and it is missing commonplace features like parenta

Tablo Dual Lite OTA

Although the Tablo Dual Lite OTA lacks an internal hard drive, forcing you to provide your own, it still lets you enjoy a good amount of standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) content fairl

TiVo Bolt VOX

The TiVo Bolt VOX is more than just a sleek, modern-looking addition to your entertainment center. This DVR can record multiple programs at once and lets you customize scheduling and playback. Though

RIF6 Cube

The RIF6 Cube is the smallest – and the most adorable – mini projector we tested. It measures 2 x 2 x 1.9 inches and weighs just 0.3 pounds but still does a decent job with both images and

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