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Fluke Ti400

A few devices set the standard for infrared camera performance. The Fluke Ti400 is one of these. The Ti400 beats out most of the competition thanks to its excellent resolution, comprehensive feature s

Fluke Ti90

The Fluke Ti90, like any inexpensive thermal-imaging camera, makes compromises on functionality in order to remain relatively affordable. Its resolution isn't the greatest, and additional features lik


The best infrared cameras combine excellent build quality with accurate, high-resolution images and features that make capturing and sharing them easier. While some cameras sacrifice resolution and fe


With a laserlike focus on image quality and thermal precision, the FLIR E8 is a low-cost thermal-imaging powerhouse. Although it's missing features like onboard flashlights, laser pointers and Wi-Fi c


The FLIR E4 is one of the least expensive infrared cameras available. Although it allows you to see thermal information and measure accurate temperatures, its low cost comes at the expense of image qu

Moultrie A-5

Moultrie is arguably the most well-known name in the game camera industry. The Moultrie A-5 is an entry-level camera that provides essential performance at a reasonable price. The A-5 has mediocre ima

Primos Truth Cam 35

The Truth Cam 35 is an entry-level game camera with good trigger speed and a decent recovery time. If you position the camera well, it can be a good value at the manufacturer's price point. The camera


The SPYPOINT HD-7 features a quick trigger, audio on its HD video clips and a 4-shot burst mode. It takes decent quality images and has a 50-foot infrared flash, which is about average for the trail c

Browning Range Ops XR

The Browning Range Ops offers sufficient image quality and an excellent detection circuit. It has a 50-degree field of view, which is standard for game cameras. Its flash range is 60 feet, which, whil

Moultrie M-880i

The Moultrie M-880i has all the features of Moultrie's popular M-880, plus an invisible infrared flash. The flash, coupled with a quick trigger, makes the M-880i a solid game camera. This game camera

Browning Strike Force

The Browning Strike Force is the smallest game camera on the market, yet it is packed with features. It boasts a lightning-fast detection circuit and excellent picture quality. It's also exceptionally

Moultrie Panoramic 150

The Moultrie Panoramic 150 is a game camera that uses panoramic technology to take three side-by-side images and stitch them together into a 150-degree-wide photo. It's the first game camera to featur

Discovery Kids Digital Camera

The Discovery Kids Digital Camera is durable and fun, and it can hold more than 100 images in its photo storage. The view screen outlines everything your little one captures in each photo, and then le

Sony HDR-CX440

This camcorder can hold its own against the others we tested when it comes to extra features. It just doesn’t take the best video. The HDR-CX440 can film in up to 1080p high definition resolutio

Canon Vixia HF R800

This camcorder isn’t as physically attractive as sleeker models. Its square removable battery sticks awkwardly out of the back, making it look old fashioned and cumbersome. It also struggles to

PlotWatcher Pro

Unlike the other game cameras we've reviewed, the Day 6 Outdoor PlotWatcher Pro doesn't work by detecting movement. Instead, it is purely a time-lapse game camera. You set the camera to take pictures

VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect

The VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect is a great combination of a grown-up camera and child's toy. This camera is durable, easy to use and entertaining for the littlest of kids. It is also capable of taki

Wearable Cameras Review

Record your daily life with wearable cameras. Using these small cameras, you can capture still images or videos of sports or your day-to-day activities to share. Find the one that suits your lifestyle.

Best Dash Cams

Dash cams protect you against insurance fraud by providing an unassailable witness to a collision. But dash cams can also make you a better, safer driver. To learn more, read our reviews.  

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