Pros / It recorded speeds of up to 20 mph.

Cons / Batteries for this boat and its transmitter are not included.

 Verdict / The Miss Seattle remote control boat is great for novice users with an interest in boat racing, but the boat isn't ideal for the average novice user that just wants to cut and swerve across the water.

The Aquacraft Miss Seattle is one of the few entry-level remote control boats that feature a hydroplane hull design. Typically, this hull design is reserved for more advanced RC boat enthusiasts. The hydroplane hull design creates lift in the front of the boat, which means less of the boat touches the water, and this makes it ideal for racing, but at a cost to the handling. Still, the Miss Seattle is a top-of-the-line entry-level RC boat that's ideal for someone interested in the boat racing aspect of this hobby. For these reason, the Miss Seattle earned the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for best remote control boat.

In our tests, it was among the fastest and most durable boats. It received high grades for performance and scored above average for handling, despite the hydroplane hull. The battery performance is disappointing. Furthermore, you have to buy the boat's battery, battery charger, and transmitter separately.

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  • Speed
  • Charge Time
  • Run Time
  1. The maximum speed of the boat measured in miles per hour.
    Higher is Better
  2. 3  Aquacraft Miss Seattle
    20.0 Miles Per Hour
  3. 25.0 Miles Per Hour
  4. 28.0 Miles Per Hour
  5. Category Average
    19.67 Miles Per Hour

Boating Performance

We gave the Miss Seattle a B- for handling. The major reason for this is the hydroplane design, which generally only turns right, because most competitive boat races are on an oval track. When piloted in an oval, as it's designed, the handling is excellent. But if you want to cut and swerve in any direction, then the handling simply doesn't compare to the best remote control boats. It features an aluminum turn fin on its backside, which helps slightly, but the boat's right turns are definitely much stronger than its lefts.

You can turn left, but only if you ease into them slowly. Otherwise, you risk flipping the boat over. And since it lacks a self-righting feature, you can't easily flip it back over, which means you either have to wade in to retrieve it or you'll have to wait for the wind or current to bring it back to you.

In our tests, the Aquacraft Miss Seattle reached speeds of 20 miles per hour. While this isn't the fastest speed we recorded for an entry-level RC boat, it's still fast.

When you consider the handling issues that this presents, it's actually ideal for a novice user, as it allows you to acclimate to the handling. In addition, you can upgrade parts, sharpen the propeller and make other alterations to the boat to make it faster, which is one of the attractions to the RC boating hobby. So it's not as though this top speed is the ceiling for this boat.

Battery Performance

The biggest downside to the Miss Seattle is the battery performance. In our tests, it averaged six minutes per run with a full battery. And it took two hours to charge the battery. This may not mean much if you're planning on racing this boat, because most races aren't going to last more than six minutes. However, driving out to a lake or pond for six minutes of fun is hardly worth your time. As such, it's recommended that you purchase multiple batteries so that you can easily swap them out.

The worse part of the battery performance, however, is the fact that the boat's battery isn't included with the boat. With most RC boats, you can expect to buy the AA batteries for the transmitter separately, but you shouldn't have to purchase the boat's battery.

Purchasing the correct battery can be difficult too, as you have to make sure that the connectors match the ones used by the boat. Furthermore, it's not a universal connector, and you have to make sure the voltage is rated for the motor. In addition, you have to purchase a battery charger separately as well, which aren't generally sold with batteries. These are items that most RC boats include. It adds significant costs to a boat.

Design & Accessories

For durability, the Miss Seattle received an A. We really liked that the Miss Seattle has a fail-safe system. When you hit a rock or something in the water, the rudder disengages to prevent damage to the transom, or back of the boat. The boat also has a water-cooling system, which uses the water it rides on to prevent the motor from overheating. It uses a small hose to suck the water up, which then goes through a small tube near the motor and then exits out the right side.

The Miss Seattle is one of the few RC boats for beginners that comes with a brushless motor. Brushless motors are preferred because they're more efficient at converting electricity into motion, which generally means more speed. You don't lose torque while accelerating in the same way you do with a brushed motor. In addition, brushless motors tend not to overheat as easily as brushed motors. They also don't require as much maintenance. However, brushless motors cost more. And the performance might be too much for some novice users.

Aquacraft implements a double-cover hatch system to keep the inner components dry, which is an excellent feature. The first cover has a locking mechanism and underneath there is another door you should seal with hatch tape. Also, in the event that water seeps into the boat, on the back you will find a small plug that allows you to drain the water. No other boat we tested had this convenient feature. It's a nice touch that can help keep your boat in good condition and extend its life.

Help & Support

This RC boat has a 90-day warranty, which is above average for RC boats. Others have warranties of just 30 days. The boat comes with a user manual, and if you lose the manual or it gets wet, you can download one on Aquacraft's website.

You can find forums surrounding the boat and watch videos of the model in action online. If you need support, you can reach Aquacraft by several means: telephone, email and even by social media. Aquacraft also sells several replacement parts on its website.


The Aquacraft Miss Seattle RC boat is fast and fun to drive. The hydroplane design is fun for aspiring boat racing hobbyists, but it lacks the handling for most novice users because it's not designed to turn left very well. While the boat has a brushless motor, it doesn't come with a battery or a battery charger, which is frustrating and adds significantly to the cost of an already high-end entry-level remote control boat.

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