Pros / You can go in reverse, which is rare for an RC boat.

Cons / It's one of the slowest boats in our review.

 Verdict / The UDI RC Power Venom remote control boat is a fantastic value and offers many of the same features as higher-ranked boats on our lineup but for a much cheaper price.

The UDI RC Power Venom is an entry-level remote control boat that packs a punch, despite its smaller size and lower price. It has many of the same features as larger, more expensive RC boats, but at a lower cost. The boat is speedy, has decent battery life and runs quite nicely.

After testing this boat on the open water, we gave it a C+ for handling, which is about what you'd expect from a boat at this price range. This boat submarines quite easily, meaning it will nosedive in the water when you make sudden turns. If you keep accelerating, the boat quickly plops right back out of the water. It also has a hard time making right turns. It does, however, go in reverse, which is quite rare for RC boats. This is helpful for situations where you've come too close to shore and you don't have room to turn around without running into the beach.

Like other popular RC boats, the Power Venom has a deep V-shaped hull. It measures 13 inches long, 3 inches wide and is 4 inches tall. Very few boats in this price range offer a water-cooling feature, which uses the water it rides on to prevent the motor from overheating, but the Venom does. This is a necessary feature, however, because it doesn't feature a brushless motor. This means that the motor can overheat from the friction caused by the brushes. Without the water cooling system, you could easily damage the boat on a single run.

We found that this radio-controlled boat caters to almost all users. It's easy to control and set up, making it a good choice for beginners. It reaches speeds up to 16 mph, which was among the slowest RC boats we tested, but not bad for a smaller boat. It also has a run time of 11 minutes, which is average among the other boats we reviewed.

This radio-controlled boat is ready to run, with the exception of including batteries for its transmitter. It comes with a very small battery and a USB charger. We recommend purchasing an AC adaptor for the boat, because charging via USB is much slower. It takes at least 1.5 hours to charge your boat. Its transmitter is easy to operate and uses a pistol-grip design similar to most remote control boats or cars. You also get a plastic stand you can assemble to display your boat when you are finished with your runs.

You get a 90-day warranty with this RC boat, so you have some peace of mind if something goes wrong. The manufacturer has replacement parts available for purchase. Unfortunately, the only way to reach the company is by email. There is no telephone support. Online, you'll find YouTube videos featuring runs with the boat. However, there isn't a downloadable version of the instruction manual online, so make sure you save the paper copy included with the boat.

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  • Speed
  • Charge Time
  • Run Time
  1. The maximum speed of the boat measured in miles per hour.
    Higher is Better
  2. 5  UDI RC Power Venom
    16.0 Miles Per Hour
  3. 25.0 Miles Per Hour
  4. 28.0 Miles Per Hour
  5. 20.0 Miles Per Hour
  6. Category Average
    19.67 Miles Per Hour


Overall, the UDI RC Power Venom is a fantastic starter boat. It may not handle as well as more expensive RC boats, but it has convenient self-righting capabilities, goes in reverse, and it is relatively fast.

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