Epson partners with Usain Bolt to promote new EcoTank printers

Epson partners with Usain Bolt to promote new EcoTank printers
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Epson has announced a new partnership with the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt. Bolt will become the brand ambassador for Epson's EcoTank printers in the UK and Europe. Alongside this, we also got a look at a range of new EcoTank printers.

The Epson EcoTank range of printers have been around for a few years now, making ink more affordable but that has just been upgraded. These models already feature in our best all-in-one printers guide as they're that good.

The two new models, the EcoTank ET-1810 and EcoTank ET-4850, are here to bring the ease of bottle refills to the lower price range. That means less refilling and more printing with, Epson says, the equivalent capacity of 72 traditional ink cartridges. That's a whole lot of printing before needing the refuel then.

These two new long-life printers are being launched as part of a new campaign from the company which has teamed up with the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt. The tagline for the campaign is "Just fill and chill", and see's Bolt bringing his laid back style to the forefront. The partnership covers the UK and Europe, so you can still expect to see the big man Shaquille O'Neal promoting EcoTank printers in the US - maybe they'll team up to form an Avengers-style printer team?

What we do know is that these new models provide three year's worth of ink in the box when you buy. Of course this will vary depending on how much you print but essentially it means you can offset a lot of the initial cost against the fact you won't need to buy ink for some time. 

In the EcoTank ET-1810 you get 4,500 black and white pages worth of ink and in the EcoTank ET-4850 it's a massive 14,000 pages. Both units have WiFi connectivity, are backed by the Epson Smart Panel app and use micro-piezo heat-free tech to ensure the parts last as long as possible.

When it does come to that time when you need to refill, the bottles fit into the pool trays allowing for easy top-ups with no spillage, says Epson.

The initial cost won't be a lot with a sub-$200 starting price which, when you factor in that three-year's worth of ink, helps undercut the competition.

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