Weber Genesis II E-310 review

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is a premium gas grill, large enough to cater for a busy barbecue.

Weber Genesis II E-310 Review
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The Weber Genesis II E-310 is one of the best gas grills we've very reviewed, with reliable temperatures, easy cleanup, and a deep grate that gives you plenty of room to cook your favorite foods.


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    Consistent heat across the grill

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    Easy to clean

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    Large grate


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    No side burner

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Weber makes some of the best gas grills on the market and the Weber Genesis II E-310 is one of our favorite in the range. Its grills are both reliable and well-made and the Weber Genesis II E-310 is no exception. 

This stainless steel grill combines the exceptional build-quality Weber is known for with a wide grilling area, top-rate heat retention and even heating and cooking to give you a superb grilling experience.

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Weber Genesis II E-310: Features

The most important aspect of any gas grill is its ability to produce and retain heat. If the grill produces high temperatures but can’t maintain them consistently, you have to keep the flames burning on high, which usually results in the outside of your meat cooking too quickly and drying out. That's not a problem for the Weber Genesis II E-310. Its heat consistency means perfect caramelization without overcooking.

The Weber Genesis II E-310 has three stainless steel primary burners that cook evenly and efficiently with a total of 37,500 Btu of heat. The grill takes around eight minutes to reach a preheat temperature of 500 degrees, but because of its construction, it maintains a high temperature using less fuel than other grills. 

The Genesis II E-310 does not include a rear burner for rotisserie cooking or a side burner for cooking your toppings or vegetarian foods while you grill burgers or steaks. However, the grill is big enough to grill both meats and sides at the same time, and you can use a BBQ grill mat if you want to keep non-meat items from touching meat. 

Weber also offers a Genesis II model specifically designed to work with your natural gas connection, if you have one. It does not sell a conversion kit for the Genesis II product line, so you can't convert this propane gas grill to a natural gas grill without buying a new one if you change your mind in the future. Natural gas can save you money in the long run, but the location of your connection limits where you can place your grill.

Weber Genesis II E-310: Design and grilling

The primary grilling area of the Genesis II E-310 consists of two porcelain-coated, cast-iron grates with a total 513 square inches of grilling space. In our testing, we found this to be enough room to place up to 24 uncooked 4-inch hamburger patties side by side. This is a large grilling area for a three-burner model and is one of the reasons the E-310 is our pick for the best barbecue grill.

The Genesis II E-310's deep grate saves space on your porch or deck and still allows you to cook a lot of food. When it's not covered with burgers, this grill can handle a sizable rack of ribs or a fair-size brisket, although you may need to cut the ribs into two half racks to fit them comfortably if they are very long.

The only disappointment is that the warming rack only holds around six uncooked 4-inch burgers. Some grills can hold up to 10 burgers. It would be nice to have a larger warming rack, but the reduced size allows you to reach the middle and back rows of the grill more easily, so it's an acceptable trade-off. Additionally, the warming rack sits 6 inches above the primary cooking grates, so you can flip food over with a spatula without hitting it against the warming rack. You can also fold the rack out of the way when you don't need it.

Grilling on the Weber Genesis II E-310 is enjoyable. The wide surface area allows you to cook multiple food items, and being able to reach each portion without navigating around a low-hanging warming rack is a pleasant change.

This stainless steel gas grill is sturdily built, with thick-gauge steel used in the firebox. The hood is covered with porcelain, which boosts the grill’s heat retention. The E-310 does not feel flimsy at all – the side shelves are sturdy, and there are three accessory hooks on each side for your grilling tools.

The primary cooking grates are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain enamel. They are wider than the traditional round bars on stainless steel grates. This design gives you wide, attractive sear marks on your food, and the narrow spaces between the bars decrease the chance of losing a thin burger between them. These cast-iron grates retain heat more efficiently and longer than a stainless steel grate, making this grill a better choice for slow cooking.

Weber offers a rotisserie kit for purchase that is compatible with the Genesis II E-310. When you use this kit, you do not have to ignite the center burner; rather, you use the left and right burners for indirect heat. This keeps your chicken juicy while cooking it to the appropriate temperature.

The E-310 only has two swiveling casters, so it can take a little work to move your grill back and forth like a handcart to get it in the right position. The two casters lock, keeping your gas BBQ grill safely in place once you've set it where you want it.

This grill takes around two hours to put together, but if you purchase it preassembled, it's ready to start grilling within minutes.

Weber Genesis II E-310: Warranty and user reviews

Weber provides a 10-year warranty on this grill's stainless steel burners, which is double the industry standard. All other parts are covered for two years if defective. 

Another investment worth purchasing is a grill cover. This is essential if you plan to store your Weber Genesis II outdoors where it is subjected to the elements. A cover protects the grill and makes it last longer. If you ever have questions or concerns or need to order a replacement part, you can contact Weber by email or phone.

The Weber Genesis II E-310 ranks well on Amazon with a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 249 reviews and a score of 4.7/5 on Weber's website (via Bazaar Voice) from more than a 1000 reviews. 

Should you buy the Weber Genesis II E-310?

While the Weber Genesis II E-310 only has three burners, the experience grilling on it is on par with top-rated gas grills that are much larger and more expensive. The cast-iron grates give your food beautiful sear marks, retain heat and are easy to clean, while the firebox construction gives the E-310 an edge over the other grills we reviewed in temperature consistency and even heating. 

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is your best bet for the superior grilling experience that only the best outdoor grills offer.

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