GE PDT145SGLWW review

The GE PDT145SGLWW dishwasher proves that size isn't everything when if you don't have space for a standard, 24-inch dishwasher.

GE PDT145SGLWW Dishwasher Review
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Early Verdict

Small yet powerful, the GE PDT145SGLWW dishwasher is perfect for compact kitchens and households. With impressive features like the AutoSense cycle and Piranha hard-food dispenser, this model delivers results just as good as full-sized units.


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    Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

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    3 color options


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    On the louder side

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    Some users report that the arm can break easily

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The GE PDT145SGLWW is a decent, reliable dishwasher for smaller families couples. GE is a reputable manufacturer with a long history of making affordable, high-quality home appliances. 

GE PDT145SGLWW: Key specs

Dimensions: 32 ½ “ x 17 ¾ “ x 23 ½ “ inches
Control location: Top
Noise level: 47 dBA
Place settings: 8
Racks: 2
Cycles: 3
ENERGY STAR Certified: Yes
Warranty: 1 year

This dishwasher features two racks, and 8 place settings, which is a smaller capacity than most but can be the ideal capacity for smaller families and couples that want clean dishes and cookware. If you are looking for the best dishwashers then the GE PDT145SGLWW is certainly worth looking at. We will assess the specs, features and user reviews to help you compare this dishwasher to other models that you may be considering.

With this dishwasher being suited for smaller households, you do sacrifice a lot in terms of capacity, but GE does not compromise on cleaning power or features. This particular model has an NSF-certified sanitizing option, which uses high-temperature rinses to remove 99.999% of the bacteria found on dishes - perfect for couples with young children or newborn babies. The dishwasher also contains a stainless steel blade that rotates to pulverize food particles so that they don’t clog up your machine, eliminating the need for any dish scraping before you load up the machine.

The GE PDT145SGLWW has a large number of positive reviews online, making it a reliable choice if you are seeking out a new dishwasher.

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GE PDT145SGLWW: Design

The design of the GE PDT145SGLWW is minimalistic, with a solid front panel with a neat pocket handle on the top. It is a built-in mode, so it is designed to slot in with the rest of your kitchen units and cupboards, saving a lot of space when compared to conventional dishwashers. The pocket handle is tidy and ergonomically pleasing and is built directly into the front panel for ease of use and simplicity.  

GE PDT145SGLWW Dishwasher:

(Image credit: Best Buy)

This particular dishwasher is top-controlled, which is often much more convenient than front controls as you don’t have to kneel or crouch to start cycles. If you are looking for front-controlled dishwashers then there are many others on our list that have this covered, but in our opinion, top controls are often much more comfortable to use. The controls take the shape of buttons which stands out to us, as touch controls often lose sensitivity over time and can become quite frustrating to use. 

This dishwasher is available in three colors: Black, White and Stainless Steel. The options all look great, and they all cost the same amount of money so it is really down to preference which color you choose. All options are easy to clean, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth and a bit of multi-purpose spray - they are not smudge-proof like some of the other options on our list, so they may require more frequent cleaning. 

The interior of the dishwasher features two racks and a decent-sized stainless steel tub which will last a long time and won’t tarnish from steam or residual detergents. There is one rack at the bottom that can hold larger pots or dishes, and a top rack that is great for glasses, mugs and cooking utensils. There is a removable cutlery jack that fits neatly into the bottom rack so that you can wash cutlery without worrying about it falling into the dishwasher's arms. 

GE PDT145SGLWW: Features

While the aesthetics of the dishwasher are definitely important, they are irrelevant without good features. GE has delivered on this front quite well, with a number of different attributes to clean your dishes and effectively remove food residue. With ENERGY STAR certification, ADA compliance verification and it’s NSF- certified sanitization cycle, this dishwasher has been tested and approved by a number of bodies for its ability to save you money and protect your family from germs. 

The three wash cycles can clean anything from crusty casserole dishes to lightly soiled glasses, and the sanitize option is ideal for baby bottles or toys with an impressive 99.999% bacteria elimination. The GE PDT145SGLWW uses a condenser drying function to effectively dry your dishes after each wash so that they can be stored in your cupboard straight away without any fuss or manual drying. 

While three racks usually stand out, the two-rack organization system is more than enough for smaller households that don’t have too many dishes or pots to clean, but it may be limiting for larger families with more mouths to feed. 

The GE PDT145SGLWW has an auto-sense cycle that will monitor the soil levels of your dishes and adjust cleaning cycles accordingly - matched with this dishwasher's ENERGY STAR certification you will save money on water and electricity while also helping the environment. 

Our favorite feature is the Piranha hard food disposer. The Pirhana is a stainless steel blade that rotates at high speeds to pulverize any food particles and helps to prevent food debris from clogging your wash arms or drain. The Piranha has a removable filter that can be cleaned easily and helps to reduce the build-up of bacteria or foul odors in this dishwasher. 

GE PDT145SGLWW: Price and availability

The GE PDT145SGLWW usually retails for around $950 and is available at reputable retailers such as Best Buy and Home Depot. 

While the dishwasher has a number of impressive cleaning features, there are larger models on the market for a similar price that also clean effectively. This dishwasher is best suited for smaller households that don’t have the space for a larger model - if you have a big family and a sizable kitchen then this dishwasher probably won’t be enough for you. 

The GE PDT145SGLWW comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty, which could be higher, but GE has a good customer service network that can help with any problems after the warranty expires.

GE PDT145SGLWW: User reviews

The GE PDT145SGLWW has an average rating of 4.2/5 stars on Best Buy, with the majority of the positive reviews praising its design and its ability to clean dishes efficiently. One customer says “It has no knobs on the surface. There are push buttons on the top. It cleans perfectly, without rinsing the dishes first.” The reviews are reliable, all being from verified customers who have purchased the dishwasher through Best Buy’s website. 

The very small number of negative reviews are mainly focused on the dishwasher arms, which some users state can break easily. One dissatisfied user said “It keeps breaking. The dishwasher has power but the arm doesn't move and it's not cleaning.” GE and Best Buy are generally quite responsive and try to help unhappy customers as quickly as possible, but with the short warranty, some users may be frustrated with having to pay for repairs after only one year. 

Should you buy the GE PDT145SGLWW?

Overall, for the price, you get a small but impressive dishwasher that will thoroughly clean your dishes while also sanitizing and drying them. If you have young children then this is a great choice, but if you are in a larger household with teenagers or many mouths to feed then you might want to consider a larger machine. While it lacks any true smart features, it makes up for it in cleaning power - if your heart is set on a dishwasher with smart features then you might want to consider a different option, such as the LG Smart Dishwasher with Quadwash.  

How does the GE PDT145SGLWW compare?

If you are on a budget, then you may want to go for the Whirlpool WDF520PADM, which has similar cleaning features for half the price. 

If you want a similarly priced dishwasher that comes with smart features, then the LG Smart Dishwasher with Quadwash could be the one for you. It is $50 cheaper and comes with smart features such as mobile connectivity and remote monitoring. 

If you are really looking to push the boat out and invest in a top-of-the-line dishwasher regardless of cost, then the KitchenAid Top Control Dishwasher is a great alternative choice. 

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