GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher review

The GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher is as flexible as it is feature-packed, but are the smart controls really worth the extra money?

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: image of silver dishwasher
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Stylish, intelligent and capable of handling larger items, the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher has a lot going for it. If you're not fussed about the smart functionality though, you might be able to find a similarly specced machine for much less money.


  • +

    Ideal for cleaning larger items

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    Enables you to monitor cycles via smart device

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    Super-quiet in use


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    Some may see the Wi-Fi connectivity as gimmicky

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The GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher could be your ideal kitchen appliance if you enjoy app-controlled functionality, and have larger dinner settings that you need cleaned regularly throughout the week. Another benefit of this GE appliance is that its racks can be configured to accommodate bulkier items, whether that's a cake tin, an oven tray or drinks bottles.

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS: Essential info

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: image of silver dishwasher

(Image credit: Home Depot)

1. Dimensions (WHD): 23.75 x 34 x 24 inches

2. Control location: Top (can also be monitored via app)

3. Noise rating: 39dBA

4. Holds: 16 place settings

5. Racks: 3

6. Cycles: 5

7. ENERGY STAR certified

8.  Warranty: Limited 1-year entire appliance  

9. Runs quietly

10. Hidden controls

As with all the best dishwashers, the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS comes with a range of advanced cleaning and drying features. Users also have the option of monitoring the machine's progress via their smart device. While that sounds incredibly useful and convenient, this is one of the pricier models for the spec, so is that smart functionality enough to justify the climb in ticket price?

In our GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher review, we look at the machine in terms of price, spec, features and design, and evaluate user reviews to see what existing customers think of it. If you need something smaller or cheaper, we’ll also recommend some good alternatives throughout this review. You could also look at our guide to the best countertop dishwashers if you're keen to use as little energy as possible.

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: How big is it?

  • Height: 34 inches 
  • Depth: 24 inches 
  • Width: 23.75 inches 

When it comes to size, though the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS is the standard size for a dishwasher (23.75”W x 34”H x 24”D), there never seems to be a problem fitting in everything you want. This is because the cutlery rack is removable and the middle rack height-adjustable, meaning you can move it up or down to accommodate larger items.

Adding to the flexibility is the fact that the rows in the bottom rack – used for securing plates, bowls, etc – can be laid flat if necessary. In total, there's enough room for 16 place settings, which should be ample for all but the largest of loads.    

Once you've opened the machine using the bar handle, you'll discover that this dishwasher contains three racks, one of which is a dedicated cutlery rack at the top of the machine. The advantage of this kind of rack is that it enables you to space your cutlery, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc, apart for a more hygienic wash. Not having a cutlery basket in the machine also creates more room down below for plates, pots, pans, etc. 

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: How easy is it to install?

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: picture of dishwasher with energy efficient symbol

(Image credit: Home Depot)

If you were thinking of installing the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS yourself, then take note that the installation guide specifies you must have basic mechanical, electrical and plumbing skills in order to carry out the operation effectively. If you’re not familiar with these areas, don’t worry, as most retailers, such as Home Depot, offer installation services that you can book when you check out with your new appliance. 

Regardless of whether you’re up to installing the appliance yourself, or whether you’re signing up for a service from a retailer, one essential thing you do need to make sure of is that you’ve purchased the correct dishwasher connection kit. This won’t be included with your appliance so making sure you’ve got one before your appliance arrives is essential.

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: What’s good about it?

Ideally, dishwashers should be stylish but low-key, and the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS fulfills that criteria very nicely. Clad in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel with no controls visible, it boasts a modern, minimalist aesthetic that should blend in with any contemporary kitchen layout. Speaking of minimalist, we also love how GE has omitted its name from the front of the machine, leaving the word 'Profile' – and the reputation that comes with it – to do the talking.

As we mentioned earlier, GE Profile appliances usually command a premium price due to the fact that they're equipped with the latest technology. So what exactly do you get for your not-insubstantial outlay? Putting aside its cleaning and drying prowess for a moment, the headline feature with the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS is its smart functionality. 

With Wi-Fi built-in, you can hook up your phone or tablet via the SmartHQ app, then monitor your cycle status from wherever you are in the house. Too busy (or lazy) to take your device out of your pocket? Since the app is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you need only ask out loud how the dishwasher is doing and you'll get your answer. Another benefit of this smart functionality is that the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher will automatically check your detergent levels, and if it detects they're low, it will order you some more. Clever!

The GDT530PSPSS is intelligent in other ways, too. Thanks to a feature called Leak Defense with Active Flood Protect, it will promptly deal with any water discharge, de-activating the pump and alerting you to the problem via an alarm signal and a notification on your smart device.                                              

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: image of open dishwasher with dishes

(Image credit: Home Depot)

So, we've established that the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS is a bit of a clever-clogs, but how does it cope with cleaning dishes? Very well, as it turns out. There are five wash cycles to choose from – including a one-hour wash for when you need dishes in a hurry – along with some neat features to ensure that your pots and plates come out looking as shiny as a diamond.

First up, there's something called Steam & Sani, which not only loosens caked-on food – meaning you don't have to rinse anything before putting it in the machine – but also destroys 99.999% of bacteria that's formed on your dirty dishes.

If you're worried that those now-loose bits of grub will end up soiling other items in the machine, don't be. That's where the brilliantly named Piranha Hard Food Disposer comes in; a large stainless-steel blade that rotates at up to 3,600rpm, it's designed to rip those large chunks to shreds.

The bottle jets integrated into the upper rack are another great feature of the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS, as these ensure those-hard-to-reach areas at the bottom of your plastic containers get a good wash. And there's also a Turbo Dry Boost that relies on two high-powered fans and heating elements to get your stuff cupboard-ready.

You would think that all of this activity would make a lot of noise, but it really doesn't. Indeed, with a rating of just 39dBA, this GE Profile machine is designed to be one of the quietest dishwashers you'll come across.

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: image of top rack of dishwasher with dishes

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GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: What’s not so good about it?

If you’re a sucker for appliances that are smart enabled, then you’ve probably already been sold on the features of the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS. But if you’re unsure of what it really entails to have a smart dishwasher, or feel that you wouldn’t use the extra features that come along with it, then you might be better off finding a machine that doesn't have Wi-Fi built-in and saving yourself some money. 

Sure, Wi-Fi connectivity can be useful if you know you’re going to use it, but if you don’t usually get too involved with your technology, then these features will be more of a gimmick than a bonus. 

Alternatively, if you're undecided, you could plump for one of GE's 'optional Wi-Fi' machines, which can have smart functionality added at a later date with the help of an adaptor (sold separately).  

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: User reviews

People who've bought the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher have certainly not been shy in sharing their opinions of it online. While the product isn't available on Amazon, more than 650 customers have left comments on GE's own website. At the time of writing, the dishwasher has an overall rating of 4.3 out of five, with 81% of users saying they would recommend it.   

Of the 5 out of 5 star reviews, one commented: “This is a very well thought-out unit with a lot of nice features. We’re happy we bought it, and recommend it highly to anyone interested in a new dishwasher.” 

Another couldn't believe how little noise the dishwasher makes, writing: “This is the quietest DW I never heard!” And a third added: “I love the Wi-Fi capability. I can check the dishwasher status from my phone. I’m so glad I purchased this particular dishwasher.”

One 4 out of 5 star review had a slight issue with the design of the dishwasher, saying: “The middle rack slides out on its own if it's not pushed all the way in, which is annoying.”

And there are a few users who didn't like the dishwasher at all. Giving it the minimum number of stars, one customer commented: “We've had this dishwasher for two days and it continually stops working part way through a cycle. The cycle has just stopped 4+ times and we've only been able to get it to work twice. 

"When the dishwasher did work, steam was coming out of the top, and my counter and cabinets had so much condensation on them that water drops were forming.” 

GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS review: image of hand pressing controls

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Should you buy the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS?

If you do a lot of cooking, or host dinner parties where you use large dishes and plates, then you might want to consider the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS. Thanks to its adjustable racks and collapsible tine rows, it can easily accommodate chunkier items that other dishwashers might struggle with. 

The GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher is also handy for people who have kids, due to its child safety lock and low noise rating. It might also be useful for people with mobility issues, as it enables users to monitor their wash cycle via their smart device or even their voice, so you don't have to keep going back and forth unnecessarily. This GE Profile dishwasher is expensive, but if the above requirements apply to you, we'd say it's definitely worth the investment. 

Not sure if this is the one for you?

If you aren't sold on the GE Profile Smart GDT530PSPSS dishwasher's smart features, then why not check out the KitchenAid KDPE234GPS, which is our top pick dishwasher overall. 

Alternatively, if you need something a little more affordable, check out our Whirlpool WDF520PADM review. This is our favorite inexpensive model which still does a great job at washing. 

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