Gift Card Spread Review

This website is incredibly easy to use. Retailers are automatically listed alphabetically but you can also search by price, card type, or a multitude of categories.

Our Verdict

Gift Card Spread has a very well-designed website with a color scheme and clear design that, frankly, make it a lot of fun to use.


  • It got an A+ in our selection test.


  • There are unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
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This website is incredibly easy to use. Retailers are automatically listed alphabetically but you can also search by price, card type, or a multitude of categories. Before you select any retailer, you can see how many cards are left to purchase, which is convenient, especially if you’re comparing your options across several exchange websites.

You can also see the highest discounts available for any given retailer and we saw cuts as high as 28 percent. Discounts and availability depend on the supply and demand of a retailer, so the deals you'll see will vary. Still we saw a lot of options and great discounts on Gift Card Spread. It was one of only two websites we tested that earned an A+ in our selection test because alongside Gift Card Granny, this website had cards available from Amazon, Target and Walmart the day we did testing. While it depends on the retailer, you can buy both electronic and physical gift cards. If you choose the latter it will take 3-7 business days to receive your card in the mail.

While federal law requires gift cards remain valid for five years after the purchase date, Gift Card Spread does buy cards with expiration dates. However, they do have to be at least six months in the future, and sellers are required to mention this when posting the card for sale. Still, we'd recommend you read all the fine print on any transaction. Gift Card Spread only guarantees their cards for 60 days.

Gift Card Spread is also worth checking out if you have unwanted gift cards to sell. After selecting the obvious "sell gift cards" button at the top of the page, you just enter the retailer name, card type and value. Then it's up to you to select the offer price you'd like with a menu button that lets you select how much profit you'd like to see by percentage point or dollar. You’ll then be prompted to create an account to finish the transaction. Your payout will come as a check in the mail. Disappointingly, there are no other payout options and unlike several other websites we tested including Cardpool, you can’t trade gift cards. You’ll earn between 60 and 90 percent of the card’s full value, which isn’t the best rate available but it’s also not horrible.

Gift Card Spread has earned a C rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is the worst grade of the websites we tested. The BBB isn’t the final say in terms of where you should spend your money, but it’s something to keep in mind. It’s pertinent because Gift Card Spread is flagged due to consumer complaints alleging unresponsive customer service and receiving cards with a zero balance and cards with balances that disappear later without warning. Consumers also noted incidents of nonpayment when selling cards to the website. In 2016, the company said they had righted all of the aforementioned problems but after a second review in 2017, the BBB still found the pattern of consumer allegations still continued.

Despite consumer complaints, we feel Gift Card Spread has a pleasing and easy to use interface with a lot of gift cards to offer. It’s limited payout options and problems with the BBB don’t make it ideal, but it’s worth checking out.