Raise is the best gift card exchange site we researched for buying discounted gift cards. This website makes it easy to search for cards from your favorite retailers, and you can sift through the results by the amount and discount level for each card. Raise also gives you more control over selling your gift cards than many other sites. You can set your own prices and adjust them accordingly to maximize your profit. The large inventory and search tools make it one of the best gift card exchange services available.

Raise is a gift card marketplace where you can choose how much to discount the gift cards you are selling. The well-organized interface makes finding gift cards easy. After registering with Raise or logging in through Facebook, you control how much to charge for your gift card.

Unlike most other gift card exchange services, Raise allows sellers to set their own price for gift cards as long as it’s above $10. However, this site charges a 15 percent seller’s fee at the time of purchase, which is the highest of any service we reviewed. On top of that, there is a $1 service fee for people selling physical cards. If you sell your card electronically or sell in bulk, however, there is no service fee and you only pay a fraction of the 15 percent seller’s fee.

With sellers setting the price of gift cards, Raise does not offer to pay a specific percentage of a card balance, nor does it offer a maximum discount. Instead, you specify the amount and it will notify you when the card sells. After the gift cards are approved and on the site, you can adjust the pricing to fit the marketplace’s fluctuation and maximize your profit. This approach gives you a considerable amount of flexibility in selling your gift cards, and it can help you profit, especially around the holidays and other times when certain cards are in exceptionally high demand.

You can buy or sell standard plastic gift cards as well as the merchandise credit from any brand or restaurant. You also can buy or sell electronic gift cards. One of the best options is to sell a gift card electronically; otherwise, you will be charged higher fees and shipping. After your card is sold, you can receive your funds by check, direct deposit to your bank or via PayPal, similar to GiftCardBin. Some sites like Giftcard Zen only pay through PayPal.

Raise offers an email notification service that alerts you when specific gift cards you are seeking, but which are not available at the moment, get restocked into Raise's inventory. The service accepts all gift cards as long as they are valued above $10, including cards with expiration dates. You get free shipping when you buy; however, if you sell a gift card, you are charged either $1 or 1 percent of the card’s total value, whichever is higher.

If you are a bulk buyer, you can enter the Corporate Perks Program and receive discounts. Bulk sellers can also maximize their earning potential with Raise’s benefits. The gift card exchange service has a rewards program. You earn points by inviting friends to the marketplace. For every 100 points, you earn a dollar that can be used toward future gift card purchases.

The exchange service offers several different search options to help you find the exact gift card you need. You can use the general search engine, or you can search by retailer, category, price or discount. The well-organized interface makes finding a card a quick and easy process.

Raise’s customer service and support provides several different contact methods. If you cannot find an answer to your question using the FAQs page, you can call, email or fill out an online contact form. In addition, the site offers a guarantee and return policy on gift cards to ensure you get what you pay for.

Raise’s gift card exchange gives you more control over the selling process than many other sites. While you can set your own prices and adjust them accordingly to maximize your profit, Raise takes 15 percent of your gift card’s earnings, and possibly more if you use a standard plastic gift card. The large inventory and search tools make it our favorite site to search for and purchase discounted gift cards.