Gigantic power bank can charge 5,000 smartphones at once

Gigantic power bank can charge 5,000 smartphones at once
(Image credit: Handy Geng / YouTube)

The power bank is an indispensable companion for many people when it comes to keeping their electronic devices charged while on the move. Despite the best smartphones and best tablets boasting ever more substantial battery life, a power bank helps take the pressure off when you’re deprived of a socket or charging port for a time. And yet, for YouTuber Handy Geng, an ordinary power bank was never going to cut it.

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Unhappy with the size of his power bank, Geng upgraded to a larger one. “But when I mentioned its capacity to my friends,” the comedian and artist explained in his YouTube video, “I didn’t expect [them] to have larger ones. After they left, as an ambitious person, I couldn’t fall asleep for several nights, so I decided to make a super large, mega power bank.” 

The result of such gadget envy ended up becoming a truly monstrous power bank with a ludicrous capacity of 27,000,000 mAh, built by Geng’s own hands in his workshop. It is capable of charging 5,000 smartphones at any one time. 

To begin his project, he built a metal frame about the size of a large family table. This was designed to support what can only be described as an ‘industrial’ sized battery. This was then encased in wood panels and metal sheeting to resemble the rounded form factor common to most power banks. Geng then added wheels to the bottom of the frame. With a couple of car batteries and panels of 60 plug sockets thrown in for good measure, Geng’s ‘mega battery’ was complete.

“It can not only charge many phones at one time, but it can also charge power banks and a laptop,'' explained Geng. He even demonstrated how the power bank can power a television and washing machine outdoors. “My brother and friend are very surprised and can’t stop praising my technique,” he said.

Of course, what Geng sacrificed for all that brute battery power was portability. Rather than simply sliding a power bank into your bag, this monster requires being dragged around by a rope. We would suggest that a more modest 20,000 mAh power bank might be a little more pocket-friendly…

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