Pros / The Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 has great CADR scores, meaning it effectively removes pollutants from your home.

Cons / This air purifier does not have a timer you can set for it to turn on or off while you're gone.

 Verdict / The Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 is more than capable of cleaning the air in your home, but its large size and lack of Energy Star verification prevents it from being one of the very best.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 is a powerful air purifier that is fully capable of cleaning your indoor air, but it lacks a couple of the features to make it a set-and-forget appliance. This air purifier boasts some of the best CADR scores we have seen, which means that it is effective at removing pollutants in rooms up to 451 square feet.

The larger the room you use the air cleaner in, the less effective it is at removing pollutants. Alternatively, using it in smaller rooms increases its effectiveness dramatically. This Electrolux air purifier can make 4.56 air changes an hour, so it doesn't give allergens the opportunity to settle in your house.

The PureOxygen Allergy 450 uses a five-stage purification process to remove particulates from your home. First, air passes through a washable filter, which is treated with an antibacterial coating to reduce organic pollutants. Next, the air is pushed through the HEPA filter, which captures the smallest particles, such as smoke. The next filter is a carbon filter that reduces strong odors. Finally, air is exposed to the PlasmaWave fan, which is an ionizer that you can't turn off. Note that ionizers have been heavily scrutinized for their effectiveness and safety concerns in the past, which is why the best air purifiers at least give you the option to turn the ionizer off.

This Electrolux air cleaner has an auto mode, which senses the ambient air quality and adjusts settings to make sure the machine is operating at the most efficient capacity. It also includes a sleep mode that reduces the air purifier to its lowest settings so it doesn't disturb you while you sleep. Unfortunately, the air purifier lacks an operational timer that allows you to program it to turn on or off at certain times throughout the day.

Matching its impressive power, the Electrolux is a large appliance. Weighing in at 19 pounds, this machine is one of the heaviest we reviewed, meaning it is somewhat difficult to move around. Additionally, this air purifier is one of the taller and wider machines we reviewed, making it more noticeable when it's in the room.

This air purifier is not Energy Star verified, meaning it doesn't meet certain energy efficiency standards. However, the machine is AHAM verified, meaning it was tested through a rigorous and methodical process developed by AHAM, making its CADR scores accurate and precise.

Electrolux only includes a one-year warranty on this product, which is the shortest time we have seen for air purifiers. However, the company includes a number of support options in case you have any questions or concerns. There is a user manual on its website, so you don't have to stress if you can't find the physical copy that comes with the machine. You can also find a FAQs section to answer some of your questions before you reach out to support. If you do need to contact a customer representative, you can reach one over the phone, email or live chat.

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The Electrolux PureOxygen Allergy 450 is a powerful air purifier for cleaning indoor pollutants from your home. It includes a couple operation modes, auto and sleep, that add a level of convenience. Unfortunately, the machine lacks an operation timer to make it significantly more convenient, and it is one of the largest and heaviest purifiers we reviewed, meaning it is more difficult to move around as you need.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Cleaning Modes

Number of Cleaning Stages
Auto Mode
Sleep/Quiet Mode
Always On

Energy & Certifications

Maximum Power Use (watts)
Estimated Annual Electrical Cost
Energy Star, CARB


1 Year
19 lbs
Noise Level (Highest Speed)
59.5 dB
Timer & Scheduler
Remote Control

Cleaning Capabilities

Smoke Removal CADR
Dust Removal CADR
Pollen Removal CADR
Adjusted Area Coverage (square feet)
Air Changes per Hour