Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid review

The Ovation Boost is a lightweight digital hearing aid that offers noise reduction and easy, pre-programmed settings.

Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid review
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    Can be programmed to your audiogram results

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    Layered noise reduction

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    Makes loud sounds comfortable


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The Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid is a lightweight digital hearing device that offers four pre-programmed listening settings, though you can also arrange for it to be custom programmed to your audiogram (hearing test) results. This makes it one of the more versatile devices in our guide to the best hearing aids.

In addition to a range of listening settings, this digital hearing aid uses layered noise-reduction technology to help you focus on what you want to hear, and dial down the noise of what you don't want to hear. This kicks in instantly when you are talking or when someone is speaking to you.

Elsewhere, Wide Dynamic Range Compression makes loud noises more comfortable, and soft sounds more audible, while Adaptive Feedback Cancellation tech is there to eliminate any whistling or howling sounds you may have experienced with other hearing aids.

Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid: Features

The Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid is most suitable for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. If you are dealing with severe hearing loss, we would recommend looking at our HI BTE Power Plus Hearing Aid review

This small hearing aid is a behind-the-ear model, designed with a thin tube leading to the tip. It comes in just one color and is very discreet in the ear, much like the Simplicity Hi Fidelity EP

The Ovation Boost comes pre-programmed with four universal listening settings so that you can pick the best one for the environment you're in. The settings are as follows: 

  • Basic amplification
  • Party
  • TV
  • Noisy

Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid review: an image showing how small the hearing aid is

(Image credit: Ovation)

To switch between each of the four different programs, press a button on the device.  In addition to adjusting the settings, via the volume wheel you can also control the amount of amplification - there are four levels.

The Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid features adaptive feedback cancellation technology, similar to the Audicus Uno and Simplicity Hi Fidelity, to deliver crisp sound by eliminating unwanted noises such as howling and whistling. 

Layered Noise Reduction technology is designed to instantly reduce background noise when someone is talking to you or you are talking to them, so won't have to worry about volume-change effects.

Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid review: Design

The Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid features wide dynamic-range compression to help make softer sounds easier to hear and louder sounds more comfortable to listen to. To get maximum amplification, this hearing aid comes with an optional earhook and tubing kit designed to deliver more sound.

The hearing aid isn't waterproof, nor does it offer an IP-rating for protection against dust. It consists of a single microphone that directly amplifies sound into your ears with the included tubing and ear tips.

Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid review

(Image credit: Ovation)

The Ovation Boost comes with:

  • 24 batteries
  • Optional earhook
  • Three closed tips and three open tips
  • Traditional thick tubing kit
  • One cleaning brush and cleaning wire
  • A protective storage case

Best of all, the Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. The manufacturer also offers a one-year warranty to protect against defects, should you discover any with your device.

Should you buy the Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid?

The FDA-registered Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid offers advanced features such as layered noise reduction and feedback cancellation. That said, it doesn't offer any wireless, Bluetooth or smartphone capabilities, nor does it have a telecoil option for speaking on the phone. If a telecoil channel is important to you, take a look at our Pro Ears Pro Hear IV review

There are plenty of useful features on the Ovation Boost, with bags of room to custom the device to match your hearing test results. We especially like the option of increasing amplification, based on the level of hearing loss  you're experiencing, and the powerful Adaptive Feedback Cancellation tech to reduce howling and whistling sounds.

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