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Singer 4423 Heavy Duty

This sewing machine isn’t messing around. Its sturdy metal build makes you feel like it could sew through anything, and at up to 1,100 stitches per minute it can do so very quickly. It’s a

Juki HZL-355ZW-A

This Juki sewing machine doesn’t have much in the way of bells and whistles, but it’s still a relatively useful machine for basic sewing. Reaching up 750 stitches per minute means this mac

Janome 8050

This Janome sewing machine has all the basics for successful sewing with 50 different stitches that include three styles of one-step buttonholes. The stitches are listed on the front of the machine, s

Janome JW8100

This Janome sewing machine was favored by our reviewers for its easy sewing and cute pincushion add-on. Our reviewers critiqued the LCD screen for being a little too small and dim but raved about othe

Singer Stylist 7258

The Stylist 7258 gives you a lot for an affordable price. For one, you get to pick from 100 stitch patterns, which is so many options, we don’t realistically see anyone using them all. There are

Juki HZL-LB5100

The Juki HZL-LB5100 is a great sewing machine for anyone just getting started. If you’ve never touched a sewing machine before, this Juki is easy to understand after a cursory glance at the inst

Singer Confidence 7640

This Singer sewing machine can add pizzazz to any of your projects. There are 200 stitch patterns to choose from, so it’s going to be a long time before you get bored. Along with your typical st

Best Die Cutting Machines

We've spent over 35 hours testing nine different die cutters to determine which were the easiest to use and created the most intricate and precise cuts.

KNK Zing Orbit

The KNK Zing Orbit is so compact you may be surprised at how powerful this die cutter is. This cutter packs a real punch with its 1,000 grams of cutting force. It's is a fully computerized die-cutting

Best Mac Scrapbooking Software

Making memories is a lot of fun, and recording them can be just as enjoyable. Leverage the Mac's slick graphical interface to design scrapbooks that allow your remembrances to shine.


iCollage offers a simple and straightforward option for Mac digital scrapbooking software. This program lacks a few of the features we value in this type of product, and it was not as user-friendly as

The Print Shop

Scrapbooking is just one capability of The Print Shop. It can help with many different tasks, including invitations, cards, calendars, flyers and more. This Mac digital scrapbooking software is packed

Best Sewing Machine

Whether you are just learning how to sew or you have been at it for years, we can help you find the best sewing machine for your craft.

Elna eXplore 240

If you miss the days of mechanical machines with a removable bobbin case, then you’d probably like the Elna eXplore 240. Reaching up to 800 stitches per minute, it’s also one of the loudes

Silhouette Curio

The Silhouette Curio is a lighter-duty electronic cutting machine with the capacity to work with most common materials performing a variety of different tasks. The cutting force is a modest 210 grams,

Best Digital Scrapbooking Software

You don't have to deal with paper pages, which become brittle, and glue and tape, which lose their sticking power. Digital scrapbooking software keeps those memories from crumbling with time.

Scrapbook Crafter

Scrapbook Crafter is affordable Mac digital scrapbooking software with a lot of impressive features to recommend it. This software has a number of high quality editing tools and sharing options that m

Brother ScanNCut

In our evaluation of the best die cutters, the Brother CM550DX ScanNCut stands out because it lacks dies, cartridges and even computer software, making it an electronic cutting machine rather than a d


The Phoenix 44" Wide Format Mounting Laminator with Roll Film Kit is a thermal and pressure machine with a wide lamination width. It includes a roll film kit but can also be used wi


The ProLam Photo from Akiles is a professional laminating machine that uses hot and cold technology. It is photo-ready, features variable temperature and speed, and has a six-roller system that automa

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