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The GBC Pinnacle 27 EZload Roll Laminator uses EZload technology and a built-in trimmer to help your laminated products come out polished and clean. While features like a footage counter and audible alerts offer convenience, it is limited in the types of film that can be used with it and has a slow warm-up time.

This device has a 27-inch maximum document width. However, it only works with Pinnacle 27 EZload Roll Film NAP I and II, and only up to 3 millimeters thick. This means that any laminated product can be easily folded once laminated. Because the thin lamination doesn't provide much stability and sturdiness, items that require these qualities shouldn't be laminated with this machine. It does work well for documents that are for temporary use, however, as these typically don't need much permanent stability. If you want a laminator that can handle thicker films and pouches, you might want to consider the Akiles.

The GBC thermal laminator features EZload technology. This technology prevents jams from occurring and makes it almost impossible for you to load the film into the device incorrectly, even if you don't have much experience using this type of machine. This can reduce the number of service calls you need to make. Once you load the film, the device can laminate a document at a speed of 12 inches every minute.

While the laminating machine's speed is fast, its warm-up time is rather slow. It can take anywhere from six to nine minutes for the device to be ready for use. It does feature thermal technology that allows you to choose the degree of heat you want to use. This is often determined by the film you choose and the item you are laminating. Low melt film is typically used when items are more sensitive to high temperatures, like digital prints, ink jet media and commercial artwork. High melt film can be used for laminating items that aren't as effected by heat, like ID cards, menus and posters.

In addition to special heat technology, the laminator also includes features like a footage counter, temperature readout, audible alerts and motorized reverse. It shuts itself off after a certain period of inactivity as well, so the machine can cool down and avoid using additional electricity it doesn't need.

This thermal laminator offers many beneficial features you can take advantage of, like technology that makes it almost impossible to load film incorrectly, laminating times up to 12 inches a minute and auto shutoff. It does have a slow loading time, however, and can only use the manufacturer's film of up to 3 millimeters thick.

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