The Phoenix 44" Wide Format Mounting Laminator with Roll Film Kit is a thermal and pressure machine with a wide lamination width. It includes a roll film kit but can also be used with pouch boards and for applying laminated prints.

This laminating machine has a large laminating width of 44 inches and can be used to laminate almost any material up to .25 inches thick using its two speed and temperature settings. While it can be used for applying laminated prints with precoated mounting boards and with pouch boards, it also comes with a refillable 38-inch x 55-foot roll of film. The device has a kit that includes a dispensing bar, as well as an idler and brake tension bar that can help with positioning the film correctly, both of which can also be used with a 3-inch core roll film.

The machine's exterior is made for durability and strength, with metal frame construction to withstand day-to-day use. It also features 4-inch diameter rollers and a single control over the height adjustment of these rollers. A knob on the side of the machine allows you to adjust the rolls as needed.

There are two speed settings on this laminator. The first is the fastest, laminating at 1 foot per minute. The second is slower, at 2 feet per minute. The type of material you are working with will determine which one you use. Thinner materials may require a slower setting to avoid wrinkles and disruptions in the final result.

This tabletop laminator requires a 120-volt 20-amp grounded outlet. Once it is plugged in, you can turn the machine on and select the correct heat setting you want to use. Because of its size and capability, the unit will require about 20 minutes to warm up completely. A light on the control panel will flash during warm up and then stop when the machine has reached the appropriate temperature. During the warm up, the rolls must be adjusted so that they are together. If they are not, the rolls will not be evenly heated. If you want a large laminator that heats up faster and doesn't require you to adjust the rollers during heating, you might want to consider the 27-inch GBC.

The MyBinding may take 20 minutes to warm up and may require you to adjust the rollers for even heating, but it does offer many features a professional setting might require, like wide-format lamination and the ability to use pouch boards and film on the same machine. It also features other benefits, like a rugged exterior, easily adjustable rollers, hot and cold lamination settings, and two speed settings.

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