The Scotch TL1306 Thermal Laminator is a 12.3-inch-wide thermal laminating machine that uses 3- to 6-millimeter-thick pouches to protect your important documents, papers and photographs.

The machine can use laminating pouches as wide as 12.3 inches. This includes thermal pouches available in many sizes, from business card- to menu-size pouches. It uses thermal technology to heat the pouches so they adhere to and seal the document between two layers of protective film. Four rollers help with this process. The first two rollers apply the heat that bonds the pouch to the document while the last two press the layers together for a permanent seal. If you're needing a larger laminator, you might want to consider the GBC Pinnacle 27.

This Scotch thermal laminator has LED touch controls to turn on and operate the machine. From a cold start, the device only needs one minute to warm up. A light will turn on once the warm-up time is complete to indicate the machine is ready to be used. This laminator is designed to shut off automatically after inactivity has exceeded an hour.

Three different pouch thicknesses can be used with the laminating machine: 3 millimeters, 5 millimeters and 6 millimeters. The exact thickness you use depends on whether the document is for permanent or temporary use, as thicker pouches tend to be more expensive. Your choice also depends on how easily the document or paper can be folded after lamination. Documents laminated with a thickness of 3 millimeters can easily be folded, but those using 6 millimeters of thickness may need to be scored first prior to folding. Because folding is still an option at these thicknesses, this laminator it is not suitable for documents that need to remain extremely rigid.

This laminating machine can laminate 18 inches per minute, making it a good option for quickly preserving your documents. It also features technology to prevent misfed items. This assists you in avoiding jams that could potentially damage your items.

The Scotch TL1306 Thermal Laminator uses thermal technology to laminate documents up to 12.3 inches wide. This thermal laminator has several notable features, including jam-free technology, four rollers and a warm up that takes only one minute. While it is compatible with three pouch thicknesses, it isn't the right choice for those who need laminated products that are very rigid and cannot be folded.

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