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The Xyron EZLaminator is a cold, or pressure, lamination machine that uses a double-sided lamination cartridge and a hand crank to laminate items. It is portable, as it doesn't use cords or need electricity.

This portable laminator is small, weighing only 7 pounds. Despite its small stature, however, it can laminate documents and photos as wide as 9 inches. It doesn't use pouches or film to do this though. Instead, it uses a refillable cold-seal laminating cartridge. Because the cartridge has dual sides, both sides of your document will be laminated at the same time. You can also use an adhesive cartridge with this machine, which will let you apply adhesive to one side of the item and laminate to the other.

Included with the machine is a double-sided 25-foot cartridge. Refills cartridges are available in sizes up to 60 feet long. This lets you laminate items that may be short in width but long, like banners and charts.

Also included with the portable laminator is a built-in trimmer. When you are finished laminating a document, photo or certificate, you can push down on the cut blade of the trimmer and slide it either to the left or the right. During this process, the laminate will stay in place without peeling or separating.

The machine doesn't require the use of electricity, batteries or heat to laminate your items. It doesn't require any warm-up time either. It uses a hand crank found on the side of the laminator and pressure to seal your item inside the laminate material. To use it, you need to guide the document through with one hand and turn the crank with the other.

Because you guide the documents through by hand, many jams can be avoided. However, wrinkles will sometimes occur after replacing the cartridges if they are not aligned with the rollers properly. If this occurs, you may need to open the laminator up and make sure the laminating sheets are lying flat against the rollers in order to prevent wrinkles and air pockets from occurring each time a cartridge is replaced. If you'd prefer an electric laminator, you might want to consider the Scotch.

The Xyron office and home laminating machine may have a few wrinkles after its cartridge is changed, but it offers many beneficial features, including its ability to use pressure to laminate without the use of electricity, batteries or heat. While its lamination opening may be small, its use of cartridges and a built-in trimmer make it possible to laminate longer projects.

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