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The sleek and modernistic Dyson AM05 is loaded with features that make it one of the simplest portable electric space heaters to operate. It also gives you abundant space heater safety tools to keep you and the people around you warm with no mishaps.

For example, an overheat shutdown function protects the device and its surroundings by turning it off if its temperature reaches unsafe levels. Its entire exterior remains cool to the touch, which means that you can pick it up and move it even when it's operating without risk of being burned. Its built-in tip-over sensor activates if the space heater is turned on its side or knocked over. One feature that is curiously missing from the Dyson AM05 is a timer that enables you to schedule how long the heater runs.

The Dyson AM05 electric heater has 10 fan settings, the most speeds you can find on a space heater. Most spaces heaters, like the Optimus H07328, only have one fan speed. By tapping the fan button, you can adjust the fan to your desired air velocity. With an oscillating base that can achieve a 75-degree rotation range, the AM05 is capable of warming a small room by 5 degrees within 15 minutes. It can also pivot to aim the fan up or down.

This is a large appliance but, at 5.5 pounds, lightweight enough to pick up with one hand. It gives you the unusual characteristic of no visible heating elements or spinning fan blades, which emphasizes the uniqueness of its design.

The aesthetically appealing Dyson has a thermostat that lets you set and maintain a specific temperature. This makes up for the lack of a timer to tell the unit when to turn on and off again. The space heater turns off automatically when the room temperature reaches the level you set and turns itself on again if the temperature drops. This also helps you save energy by not keeping the heater running constantly.

A simple control panel on its base lets you power the heater on or off, raise or lower the velocity of the fan, turn on the oscillation, and toggle between heating and cooling. There is only one heat setting, though the AM05 can still double as a cooling fan in warm months. It achieves cooling only by circulating air; the unit does not come with any other cooling elements. The Dyson AM05 is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.

The Dyson AM05 works quickly to heat a room and has many important space heater safety features. It is easy to operate and looks terrific.

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