Pros / When your food reaches the desired temperature, you receive a push notification on your iOS or Android device.

Cons / The iGrill2 has a wireless range of 150 feet, whereas other thermometers' ranges go up to 300 feet.

 Verdict / This Bluetooth thermometer's app, response time, accuracy and multiple-probe support make it the best digital grill thermometer available.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The iGrill2 does much more than most digital grill thermometers. This BBQ thermometer pairs with your smartphone or tablet to provide charts that track temperature change, and you can set custom alarms or receive push notifications directly on your smart device when your meat is cooked according to certain presets.

This thermometer's temperature range is wider than most, and it has an impressive response time of just three seconds.


Though this Bluetooth-enabled smart thermometer can tell you the temperature of your meat even if it isn't paired with your smartphone or tablet, you can download a free app for it that works with both Android and iOS devices. With the app, you select what you are grilling, whether it's a steak, burger, chicken, pork chop, or even a brisket or tenderloin. You then choose the level of doneness you want. After inserting the probe and tapping the start button, you're good to go.

Since the thermometer monitors your food for you, you can socialize with your friends, prepare side dishes, or just have a moment to relax while your food is cooking. The iGrill2 has a wireless range of 150 feet, which is long enough for you to go inside or lounge by the pool while waiting for your food. Some grill thermometers, however, have ranges up to 300 feet, giving you even more freedom to roam.

This wireless grill thermometer supports up to four probes, with two probes included in the set, which means you can insert probes in various spots of the meat. For instance, if you are grilling a whole chicken, you could put one probe in the breast and another in the leg. If you are juggling multiple probes, you can set individual alarms to go off at specific temperatures or set temperatures that you don't want the thermometer to exceed. This is perfect if your family members like different levels of doneness for their steaks.
The grill thermometer works fantastically with a smoker as well, but you'll want to purchase the ambient temperature probe separately. The probes have a 48-inch cord, which is plenty long for most grills.

The iGrill2 is quite accurate, even though it isn't an instant-read digital meat thermometer, meaning you're supposed to leave the probes in the meat while it cooks. Weber, the manufacturer of the iGrill thermometers, claims this thermometer is accurate within 1 degree Fahrenheit, which we found to be true in our grilling tests.

Using the presets, we had no trouble grilling a steak to perfection. We grilled four steaks, each to a different level: rare, medium rare, medium and medium well. The thermometer took an average of 16.25 seconds to fully register, which is shorter than most in our lineup take. It's also capable of measuring a wider range of temperatures than most grill thermometers can – -22 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.


The base station for this thermometer is slightly larger than a hockey puck. It has a large and bright display that's easy to read. The display shows temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preference. It is powered by two AA batteries, and Weber claims the iGrill2 has 200 hours of battery life.

The thermometer has an auto shut-off feature so that it doesn't stay on when you're not using it. But if you happen to be cooking something for a long time and need the thermometer to stay on, don't fret, because as long as the iGrill2 is paired with a smartphone or tablet, it remains on. The base and the probe are water-resistant, so they're fine if they get wet from the rain or if juices get on them. The thermometer and probes are not waterproof, though, so you can't put them in the dishwasher.

Pairing the iGrill thermometer with your smartphone is incredibly easy. It only took us a minute or two after downloading the Weber app. The app has a nice user interface and offers grilling recipes and tips. You can also share your temperatures and photos of your food through social media, text message or email. The iGrill has a default tweet that you can use when you post your pictures: "Hey iGrill, do you? Check out what I've been cooking!" followed by the hashtags #iGrillDoYou and #iGrill.

As for more important and useful features, like alarms, these too are easy to schedule right within the app. When an alarm sounds, it is easy to disable. The ringer on both the phone and the thermometer base are quite loud. If your smartphone is on mute, it still vibrates when the alarm goes off.

Warranty & Support

This digital grill thermometer comes with a one-year warranty, which is the standard for the thermometers we tested. Weber has an array of support options available. You can reach the company by telephone and email, and there are FAQs and a downloadable manual on the Weber website. The thermometer also supports firmware updates, which you can find online.


Overall, the iGrill2 is the best BBQ thermometer. Not only does it allow you to break free from your grill while food cooks, its app is incredibly useful and helps ensure that you cook the perfect meat every time.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Temperature Range
-22 to 572ºF
Response Time (seconds)
Average Reading Time (seconds)
Wireless Range (feet)