LG, best known for its high-tech electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, also manufacturers high-quality appliances. Like its smart TVs and surround sound speakers, LG dishwashers are among the best you can buy. They feature powerful cleaning technology, such as QuadWash and TrueSteam, and high load capacities. They are also quiet. LG’s selection of dishwashers is relatively slim – there are currently only 24 available – but you should still be able to find one that suits you and complements your kitchen.

Many LG dishwashers now come with the company’s trademarked QuadWash technology. This is a newly designed four-armed sprayer that rotates, sweeps and oscillates to maximize the coverage and cleaning efficiency of the water its spray. This is a big improvement over the conventional two-armed sprayers found in many dishwashers in use today.

Another cleaning technology LG dishwashers use is TrueSteam, which all but eliminates the need to prewash or presoak your dishes. Machines with TrueSteam include a unique generator that pushes steam into your dishwasher throughout the wash cycle. The steam helps break up hard-to-clean messes like caked- or cooked-on food. The circulated steam also gets fragile items like stemware cleaner and shiner than simply spraying them with water. This steam-powered innovation is one of the most unique among the dishwashers we reviewed.

Most LG dishwashers can handle up to 15 full place settings in a single wash load. This is a higher capacity than most of the dishwashers made by other brands in our review. The best LG dishwashers also come with EasyRack technology. This allows you to customize your wash space to fit any dish you happen to have. You can fold down the racks’ tines, adjust the height of the upper rack, insert a third rack and more so you can always fill your wash loads to capacity. EasyRack lets you make the most of all the space available in your dishwasher and reduces the need for additional wash cycles.

LG dishwashers don’t make a lot of noise. You can expect them to create between 40 and 50 decibels of sound while the wash cycle runs. While they aren’t the quietest dishwashers in our review, they won’t overpower a conversation or wake a baby.

For all the cleaning power you get with an LG dishwasher, it’s not a surprise that they cost a bit more than some other brands. The least expensive LG dishwasher is about $650, and the most expensive is almost $1,700. Other dishwasher brands have models that can drop as low as $350, but they lack much of what makes LG’s models so desirable.

A combination of cutting-edge spray arms, steam cleaning and customizable racks makes LG dishwashers some of the best you can buy. Even though we would like to see a more robust selection with more economical models, LG does a great job making world-class dishwashers you won’t regret buying.

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