Pros / This dishwasher allows for large loads with its three racks and room for 14 place settings.

Cons / This dishwasher only offers one option for drying your dishes.

 Verdict / The LG Studio's wide selection of wash options, many of which save you energy, make it a versatile and cost-efficient dishwasher.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 reviews on Dishwashers here.

The LG Studio LSDF9962ST dishwasher features energy-efficient wash options that operate with minimal noise. Between the cycle and wash options, you can customize the settings for any kind of load. 

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Energy Efficiency

The LG Studio LSDF9962ST makes the Energy Star list, an EPA program that recognizes energy-efficient products. This LG machine has several eco-friendly wash options that use less water and energy than normal cycles. It only costs $27 annually to operate, tying with a handful of other dishwashers for the lowest yearly cost in our comparison. At 131 minutes, the normal cycle time of this stainless steel dishwasher is a little longer than that of the top dishwasher, but some of its competitors take much longer.

Cleaning Options

This LG Studio dishwasher boasts seven wash cycles and nine wash options, which is among the most in our comparison. The wash cycles include steam power, steam dual, steam delicate, normal, quick and dry, rinse only, and a quick cycle. The various steam wash cycles reduce the prewashing and scrubbing you have to do, as they use steam to tackle heavily soiled dishes. The steam delicate feature is gentle enough to clean stemware and other treasured items that you might not normally trust to a dishwasher, while the steam dual option adjusts the steam strength for the different racks so that small or delicate items in the upper rack don't get as intense a clean. The quick and rinse-only cycles can save you time. You can rinse a big mess and then wait until the washer is full to run a whole load, or, for a small mess, you can just run it through one of the quick cycles and go on with your day.

With each wash cycle, you can add wash options, which include extra dry, rinse, sanitary, extra rinse, spray intensity, half load and eco wash. The extra dry option means you don't have to use the dishtowel to get that last bit of water off dishes after a cycle. Adding an extra rinse can increase the energy use, but it also adds peace of mind, since you know new water is introduced for a rinse instead of the water that is recirculated during a cycle.

When you are washing the dog's water bowl or anything that may need a little extra treatment, the sanitary wash option offers a little extra cleaning. Half load and eco wash both make it possible to clean dishes in a lighter, more energy-efficient way. However, some wash options are only available with certain cycles. For instance, you can only pair the quick wash cycle with the delay-start wash option.

This LG dishwasher comes with both an eco-friendly wash and dry option. When you select the wash option, the dishwasher automatically uses less water and energy. However, you can only use this eco-friendly wash option with lightly soiled dishes.

The dishwasher's Hybrid Drying System uses both the heating element and a fan to dry your dishes, which decreases energy consumption during the dry time of the wash cycle. However, you don't have the standard heated dry option in case you want to dry the dishes using only the heating element.

Load Flexibility

The dishwasher has several wash cycles and options, as well as several convenience features. It includes a 19-hour delay-start timer that you can use when you want to clean dishes during off-peak hours, such as after you go to sleep. The hard-food disposer chops up solids so they go out with the dirty water at the end instead of getting stuck in a filter that you have to clean. The touch-sensitive controls are dark when not in use and light up when you touch them. Since that is something kids will love, it is nice that this machine also has a child lock so your kids don't run empty cycles or disrupt settings.

Between the adjustable racks and the spacious interior, you can put up to 14 place settings in a single load with this integrated dishwasher. The lower two racks are standard sizes, while the top one is a mini rack for cutlery and silverware. The lower and upper racks include fold-down tines, while the upper rack's position is adjustable, giving you the flexibility for many different dishes and load sizes.


This built-in dishwasher runs at a whisper. Measuring at 42 dB when it is running, it ties for the quietest dishwasher we reviewed. That sound level is comparable to raindrops falling and is far below the 60 dB generated by a normal conversation. If you are used to leaving the room to be able to talk over a dishwasher, you will be pleasantly surprised with the LG. The dishwasher's stainless steel interior and exterior contribute to its quiet cycles. Stainless steel tubs dampen noise better than plastic and also last longer.

The model also includes three spray arms, which help effectively clean each dish. Older machines have only two spray arms that sometimes can miss a corner of the machine. Having three arms increases the odds of full coverage.

Design & Dimensions

LG offers solid warranties on this dishwasher. The parts on the unit are backed by a one-year warranty, while labor is covered for two years. The racks and electronics on the dishwasher are covered for five years, and the tub and door liner have a lifetime warranty. You can contact LG with your questions by phone, email and live chat on its website.


The LG Studio LSDF9962ST dishwasher offers a wide variety of wash cycles and options. With the various steam cycles, it can tackle even the dirtiest dishes without the need for presoaking and scrubbing. This energy-efficient machine is one of the best dishwashers you can purchase because of its numerous wash options, energy efficiency and low noise level.

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