Pros / You can move about your home and monitor the temperatures registered by the probe via a smartphone app.

Cons / It can take nearly 20 seconds to get an accurate temperature reading.

 Verdict / The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer mini combines the convenience of in-probe temperature monitoring with smartphone functionality, an unusual pairing in the industry.

The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer mini is an unusual meat thermometer, in that the receiver is separate from the probe, and they are connected with a heat-resistant wire. This device continuously monitors meat and, through the use of its Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app, allows you to know the temperature of food from anywhere in your house. Although it reads temperatures slower than some other devices we tested, we found that its unique design allows for a highly convenient and more hands-free style of cooking.

However, despite its innovative and unique design, this thermometer falls a bit short of the best meat thermometers in terms of average reading times and temperature ranges. Although this device reads as fast as several other products we reviewed (about 20 seconds for a fully accurate reading), higher-ranked thermometers obtained a temperature reading in less than 10 seconds. In addition, this product only reliably reads temperatures between 0 and 392 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas some products can read ranges below 0 and greater than 500 degrees. For faster results at a still reasonable price, check out the ThermoWorks Thermopop TX-3100.

One unusual quality about this iDevices thermometer is that while the majority of digital meat thermometers are designed for instant reading, this unit is intended for ongoing monitoring of temperatures. It takes nearly 20 seconds to obtain a temperature reading from the probe, which is then relayed via a 48-inch probe cord to the receiver. The receiver uses LED lights to present a single ring of color letting you know the status of the food’s temperature. Colors range from green, indicating food just started cooking, to red, meaning the meat is done. For actual temperature readouts, you’ll need to download an app to your mobile device.

This small food thermometer sets itself apart from many other products due to its iDevices Connected app. This app, available for iOS and Android devices, receives temperature readings from the thermometer via a Bluetooth connection. The pairing process is simple and quick. After that, we could immediately begin using the app for setting timers and temperature thresholds. This pairing also helps identify your proximity to the thermometer, so that when you’re not nearby, the receiver can go into power-saving mode while monitoring food temperatures. When you approach with your phone, the device then automatically turns on the status light.

The app itself shows a temperature chart to track how food has heated, and you can even set temperature alarms as long as you have enabled notifications on your device. However, in order to use this thermometer to any effective degree, you may end up making a mess on your phone's screen if your hands are dirty from touching food.

The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer mini is a portable probe-in meat thermometer that uses modern technology to its advantage in the kitchen or at the grill. With the iDevices app, you can actively monitor food temperatures from a different room. In addition, the thermometer offers an easy-to-understand design, with a simple color display designed to quickly relay the status of food. All of this combines into a truly unusual and helpful thermometer.

  • Accuracy
  • Length of Probe
  • Highest Temperature
  • Average Reading Time
  1. The degree to which a measurement of temperature conforms to the correct value.
    Less is Better
  2. 4  iDevices
    2.0 °F
  3. 1.8 °F
  4. 2.0 °F
  5. 1.0 °F
  6. Category Average
    1.54 °F
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