Pros / It is faster and more accurate than other models.

Cons / Its display lacks a backlight, making it hard to read if you don't remove your food entirely from the oven.

 Verdict / The ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 is a fast, powerful meat thermometer that far surpasses the response times of competing devices.

The ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 is a meat thermometer that gives you modern technology, functional design and impressive speed. This thermometer’s button-free design makes it simple to use and reduces the risk of user error. We tested this device multiple times and received final readouts after an average of 3.6 seconds. Other thermometers we tested took an average of 15 seconds to display a full reading. Unfortunately, this model is more expensive than others we reviewed, but considering the speed of its readouts and the consistency of its accuracy, this kitchen tool gives you significant value. If this is a bit too high-priced for you, take a look at the more modestly priced ThermoWorks Thermopop TX-3100.

Among other things, we were impressed with the Thermapen's accuracy. It is advertised to obtain readouts that are within 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit of the actual temperature of your food. For temperatures above 392 degrees, this accuracy level increases to 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exterior of this unit is completely button-free. This makes it easy to use the device without fear of bumping settings or holding the device awkwardly around each button. If you fold the probe into the receiver, the thermometer turns off. When you fold out the probe, the display activates immediately. If you accidentally leave the thermometer on, it will power off automatically after 10 minutes, and this feature can be disabled if you want. These simple elements make using this meat thermometer especially easy and convenient.

Though there are no buttons, you can still alter individual settings, but you do this within the battery compartment. From there, you can disable the sleep mode, change the temperature mode to Fahrenheit or Celsius, and turn the decimal measurements on or off. However, we found the default settings to be well-suited for immediate and regular use.

Like many other meat thermometers, this device is rated as highly water-resistant and splash-proof, primarily due to the molded-in seals on this unit. Small quantities of liquid won’t damage the internals circuitry or affect temperature readings, so you don't have to worry about wet hands or splashed liquids.

The thermometer is powered by CR2032 batteries, which provide up to 1,500 hours of battery life. Although this coin cell battery is less common than AAA batteries that some thermometers use, this is one of the more common types of coin cell batteries, so you should have no trouble finding a replacement when the time comes.

ThermoWorks uses a proprietary circuit in the thermometer's probe, and each device comes with a NIST-traceable certificate of calibration, indicating that the probe underwent rigorous testing to ensure it can read to the nearest 0.1 degree. Although many thermometers are this precise, they aren’t able to achieve it in the 4 seconds it took this device in our testing.

You get a two-year warranty with this thermometer, and the manufacturer will take care of calibration service. A calibration certificate is offered with all new purchases to prove the quality of each probe, but businesses or professional chefs can request that the company calibrate probes for even lower or higher temperatures.

  • Accuracy
  • Length of Probe
  • Highest Temperature
  • Average Reading Time
  1. The degree to which a measurement of temperature conforms to the correct value.
    Less is Better
  2. 9  ThermoWorks Classic
    0.7 °F
  3. 1.8 °F
  4. 2.0 °F
  5. 1.0 °F
  6. Category Average
    1.54 °F
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