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NutriChef PKTEWC18
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EdgeStar CWF340DZ
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Kalamera KRC30SZB
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Koldfront TWR181ES
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Magic Chef MCWC12B
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Wine Enthusiast 272031805
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Avanti EWC1201
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iGloo FRW1225
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Best Wine Coolers

Why Buy a Wine Cooler?

We've been comparing and reviewing wine coolers since 2010 and have spent over 200 hours researching the topic. We can recommend the EdgeStar CWF340DZ highly to anyone. In our testing lab it had predictable temperatures. And we liked the quality LED display. It also has dual-zone cooling capabilities and can hold up to 32 standard bottles.

If you’re looking for a unit with solid-wood shelves, consider the Avanti. The mirrored glass door offers a sleek, modern look and the pull-out roller shelves make it easy to access 46 of your favorite wines.

If you prefer a thermoelectric wine cooler, you may want to consider the NewAir AW-321ED. Thermoelectric cooling generally offers quieter operation than the compressor-style units, and this is a very nice one. It includes the wooden shelving that many wine fans prefer – enough for 32 bottles.

For a compact, dependable tabletop unit, consider the Sunpentown WC-20TL. It can keep 20 standard bottles within easy reach and has an economical price. Our testers found the look of this wine cooler very attractive, and it was predictable in its ability to reach and maintain the right temperature.

Wine Coolers: What to Look For

Before purchasing a new wine chiller, you will need to consider the type of wine you want to chill, the size of your available space and how many bottles you want to cool. Your geographical location and the temperature of the room where you want the wine fridge may also be important considerations. Additionally, you should look at images of the cooler to see if it will fit your aesthetic preferences.

When compiling our wine cooler reviews, we considered the following:

We compared operating temperatures and applied standard serving temperature ranges to determine the best uses for the specific wine coolers. Using this information, you can select a wine refrigerator that most suits your needs. We also considered the type of cooling technology used and features designed to help protect your wine, such as light-protected, insulated glass doors. The best wine coolers protect your wine from temperature fluctuations and light.

Design details for these free-standing wine coolers include information such as size, shelf type and color. If you have a specific location in your home where you need to place the wine cooler, you should measure the space to ensure there is adequate room for the unit and for the required ventilation.

Some coolers have attractive wood trim on the shelves and blue LED interior lights that you may find appealing. Many have stainless steel doors, which complement most modern appliances. Some offer reversible doors that you either install or have installed when you order the wine fridge. We also noted those that include slide-out shelves and the maximum number of standard-sized bottles each unit can hold. Locking doors are a helpful option if you need to secure your bottles from small children.

Customer Service
Exceptional customer service is an important consideration for a purchase such as a $500 wine fridge. For the most part, we found the warranties to be similar, but you will want to check the details of your warranty and register your unit if required. Additionally, since from time to time appliances require repairs, we searched to see how easy it is to acquire replacement parts.

If you enjoy your wine within a few degrees of optimal serving temperature, a wine cooler can help you achieve this goal. And while entertaining you can depend on your wine cooler to house wine choices for complementary food pairing or guest preference. For many, a dependable wine cooler is worth the investment.