Pros / The iGloo FRW1225 holds 12 standard wine bottles but can accommodate wider and taller bottles, too.

Cons / It doesn’t have a locking door.

 Verdict / This thermoelectric cooled wine fridge is energy efficient, plus the tempered glass helps maintain the inside temperature by blocking UV rays.

The iGloo FRW1225 wine cooler is a top seller on Amazon where customers report that this fridge stays cold and runs quietly. It is quiet because it uses a thermoelectric cooling system, which is also more energy efficient since it uses less electricity than compressor wine coolers. This also means it doesn’t get as cold. Its temperature range is between 72 and 52 degrees, which is perfect for red wines and some white wines, but not cold enough for most sweet or sparkling wines.

There are several metal racks that hold 12 standard-size bottles, most laying down. Some thicker bottles may be maneuvered to fit, or you can remove some of the shelves for a better fit. There is a shelf that lets you place opened bottles, or taller bottles, upright in the cooler.

This wine fridge is designed with a curved, tempered glass door. This keeps UV rays from penetrating into the cooler and fluctuating the inside temperature, but also lets you see into it and know what you have chilling without first opening the door and causing cool air to escape. This is a freestanding unit, so you shouldn’t build it into a cabinet because it needs enough room around it to vent properly. It also isn’t made to work well in an uncontrolled temperature environment, like a garage or outside.

One feature missing from the iGloo FRW1225 is a lock to help keep kids out. It is compact (under 2 feet high) so it could be placed on a counter out of reach of kids. But if you want a lock, check out the Avanti EWC1201, which is comparable in price and features and comes with a locking door.

The iGloo FRW1225 is a single-zone wine fridge that doesn’t get cold enough to chill sweet or sparkling wine, but does do a good job chilling red wines and some types of white wines. The tempered glass door and thermoelectric cooling system keep temperatures from fluctuating and make this fridge energy efficient. It doesn’t have a lock to keep young kids out, but it is compact enough to place on a counter out of their reach.

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